FaceMagic APK 2.5.1

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Do you want to enjoy an entertaining editing app? Download FaceMagic Plus APK now and swap any face with another. Prank your family and friends today!

FaceMagic APK 2.5.1
Name FaceMagic
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.5.1
Size 72.03 Mb
Category Entertainment
Developer DeepArt Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link com.xgd.magicface

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FaceMagic Pro APK – Face Swap App

There are a lot of enjoyable apps that we're free to download right now. If you want to enjoy editing, you can have fun with so many apps that you can download right now.

The most popular ones include KineMaster, Picsart Photo Editor, CapCut, Adobe Lightroom, and many more. But if you want to enjoy a fun and new editing app, download FaceMagic Pro now and enjoy!

face magic premium mod

This app lets you freely swap any face with another with the help of AI technology. There are so many unique ways you can use this app, as you can change your face with a celebrity and do other things.

Here, you can also morph your face with another to make it look real so you can prank your friends. This app also lets you make swap videos so you can make fun of anyone with a harmless prank. Here, you can easily edit faces as the app will do all of the heavy work for you.

Swap Faces Digitally

If you love editing, there are so many apps that are available to be downloaded now. These are apps that you're free to enjoy whenever you want since they can be downloaded free.

With these apps, you can edit either photos or videos and upload them wherever you want. There are so many editing apps to choose from right now, but the most wonderful ones are the unique ones. Editing apps like FaceMagic Pro allow you to swap faces with anyone in the world today.

face magic app mod apk

With this app, you can easily face swap, anyone with any face today, such as a celebrity, friend, politician, and more. Here, you can prank your friends as you swap their faces in famous movie scenes.

Thanks to deep-fake technology, there are also many ways you can enjoy this app today. You can also make a convincing video that looks realistic thanks to this technology. With this app, Photoshop is no longer needed today!

Here, you can do multiple face swaps, so you don't have to do them manually. Feel free to share your bizarre creations on social media now!

FaceMagic Pro Highlights

There are so many unique features that you can enjoy with FaceMagic Pro today! Here are they:


face magic plus mod apk

Excellent editing app – With the way technology advances today, we can enjoy so many things now. Editing apps are becoming more advanced as AI is being developed further.

You're able to enjoy so many editing apps right now since a lot of them are free. With so many apps available on the market, you're able to create many photos and videos right now. But with FaceMagic Pro, you can enjoy a unique experience with your photos and videos!

This app is unique to download today since it allows you to change faces with just about anyone. Thanks to the deep fake technology, the app will easily change any face to anyone you want, whether you, your friend, or a celebrity.

You can morph your face into any favorite music video, celebrity, or crush! Thanks to its powerful AI capabilities, there's no limit to what you can do with this app today. With this app, you're able to create memes that you can upload on social media.

face magic mod apk download

Swap faces – There are many fun apps that we can download today. These are free apps that we're able to enjoy since they were created for editing. But with FaceMagic Pro, you can enjoy swapping any face with another today.

Thanks to the AI technology that the app boasts, you can swap faces with anyone today. You can also swap any face with any celebrities in movies and shows! There are a lot of things you can do with this app as it's free!

Multiple face swaps – FaceMagic Pro lets you enjoy face-swapping to the max! To make things easier, you can also swap various faces at once. You can take a group of faces and change them with a similar group of faces!

Here, you can create unique scenes and photos that will make anyone instantly laugh. There are so many scenes that you can make fun of today. Thanks to the app, you can access plenty of favorite videos and photos that you can readily use to swap faces with.

facemagic pro mod apk

Create photos and videos - FaceMagic Pro lets you create the best pictures and videos! Refrain from posting normal pictures and videos from now on. Use this app and make your friends and family laugh!

Download FaceMagic Pro APK

There are many things you can edit today. With FaceMagic Pro, you can swap faces with just about anyone.

Download FaceMagic [72.03 Mb]


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