Energy Blast APK 1.0.7

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Download Energy Blast APK – latest version – for Android to test out your skills on blasting rocks and enjoy an intergalactic fun!

Energy Blast APK 1.0.7
Name Energy Blast
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 1.0.7
Size 55.46 Mb
Category Action
Developer Tokyo Smart Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.DCGEntertainment.EnergyBlast

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Many games have been made as an iteration of the popular Anime and Manga series - Dragon Ball. It would be hard to imagine this wouldn’t be happening as the series is highly-rated and popular worldwide. It’s almost a household name for the people who grew up watching it.


But as a lot of games are created based on this popular Anime, there are some that are unique. Unique in the fact that it didn’t just blindly follow the way other games are created. Meet Energy Blast, a simple game that is so addicting, you’ll play it for hours. So, what is this game all about? Let’s find out!

Blast Away

When you were a kid watching Dragon Ball, have you always wanted to be a Super Saiyan like Goku? Perhaps you wanted to be like the other characters such as Vegeta, Gohan or Trunks? Whatever it is, it feels great just to imagine ourselves powerful, right?

Thankfully, we now have Energy Blast. This game is reminiscent of the beloved Anime and we can see why. For one, it features a character wearing Super Saiyan-inspired clothing. Then, his attack is the one that made Goku so famous “Kame Hame Ha” in which he collects energy into an orb and releases it with a thunderous shout on his part. We’re all familiar with it and we love it!


In Energy Blast, the goal is to destroy the objects in the sky, in this case heaps of rocks floating. Your score and reward depend on the amount of damage you deal and how far your attack goes. However, it’s not that easy. You need to time your swipe so that it goes full power and you need to guide the rock to dodge the rocks in the air. Overall, it’s a fun and explosive game suitable for all ages. Even kids at hear will marvel at this simple yet addictive game that will truly bring back lots of memories.

Features of Energy Blast

Although the gameplay of Energy Blast couldn’t be simpler, it has a lot more features to offer than you think. In order to appreciate this game more, here are the features of Energy Blast:

Simple but addictive gameplay – As we’ve mentioned, the gameplay of this game isn’t really complex. Other Dragon Ball-inspired mobile games include fighting and others rely on a card-gaming system. But in this one, the developers have once again found a new way for fans to enjoy the popular anime series on this game. When we said that the gameplay is simple, we weren’t kidding.

Here’s a simple breakdown on how to play Energy Blast:

  1. Tap the center to start the energy blast.
  2. Then, slide down and wait for the circle to reach the middle and release it. The closer you are to the middle, the greater the damage and the farther the attack will go.
  3. As the energy travels in the air, try to guide its direction.
  4. Then, you can tap the blast button at the last second to explode it and everything around it.

Different skins and actions to collect – Aside from the addictive gameplay, this game offers a ton of different skins to collect. There are Super Saiyan clothes as well as other funny ones such as bunny and Michael Jackson ones. This way, you’ll never be bored playing this awesome game. Also, there are tons of actions to choose from. These actions are the ones you’ll be doing at the start of each run which releases the energy blast. At the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to unlock the ever-popular Kame Hame Ha by Goku.


Sounds and graphics – When you first look at the game, you’ll be stunned by the beautiful 3D graphics it offers. It captures perfectly the action and the effects of the energy as it blasts through rocks and planets. Then, you’ll also be amazed by the sound effects from the creation of the energy to the sound effects as it flies straight through asteroids and planets. Combine these two and you’ll have a divine gaming experience.

Offline mode – How many mobile games have you downloaded that made you excited at first then become disappointed as you find out that they can’t be played offline? Countless, right? That’s because most games today focus on multiplayer modes and all. But it’s impossible to get access to internet connections every time especially in far-flung places. But with Energy Blast, you don’t have to worry about internet connection ever again. You can play this game all you want, whenever you want.

Tips for Playing Energy Blast

As simple as this game is, there are challenging mechanics that you need to understand first. It’s not as simple as you may think and you might need a few tries before figuring out how it works. But in order to expedite the process, here are some few tips to help you out:

Turn on the internet connection – Whenever possible, play this game with the internet connection on. Sure, the ads are annoying but you’ll get the chance to triple your rewards by watching video advertisements! After every run, the game offers to triple whatever coins you earned just by watching videos. Sweet, right?


Timing is key – In this game, the key to getting your energy to blast through asteroids and planets is through time it down. You need to release the energy as close to the middle circle as possible. This might be hard for first-timers but once you get a “perfect” launch, you’ll get the hang of it. The trick is to release it in advance just as it’s about to go the middle circle.

Hit the yellow rocks – As the energy blasts through the rocks, try to hit the yellow rocks as much as possible. This gives you more points and allows you to collect keys. When you get 3 keys, you’ll get a chance to open a reward chest and pick 3 chests that each contains rewards such as coins, actions, and costumes.

Energy Blast APK

Want to blast through asteroids and planets without much effort? Then, download the Free Upgrade, No ads now and become the ultimate Super Saiyan!

Download Energy Blast [55.46 Mb]


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