Dream Restaurant APK 2.10.9

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Do you love restaurants? Download Dream Restaurant APK today and manage your own! You’re responsible for serving customers, managing, and more.

Dream Restaurant APK 2.10.9
Name Dream Restaurant
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.10.9
Size 105.40 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.longhorn.cookmaster

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Dream Restaurant APK – Manage Restaurants

There are many foods related mobile games that are out there today. You can enjoy these games if you’re a food enthusiast or an aspiring chef as they’re fun.

Even if you’re not among those, you can enjoy a fun simulation game about running a restaurant as best as you can. You can deliver the food to the customers here, unlock new restaurants, extend, upgrade, hire waiters, and many more! There are so many things to enjoy in this game.

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This game from Rollic Games is so fun and exciting that it allows you to enjoy the content as much as possible. Here, you’re able to have fun as you manage your restaurant from scratch.

You’re able to pick up the food from the kitchen and deliver them to the customers yourself. Here, you’ll be able to earn as much money as you can the faster you deliver the food. You can then unlock new tables, hire a cook, and more.

Manage a Restaurant

If you’re someone who enjoys playing simulation games, you’ve probably tried playing a lot of games by now. There are many categories under simulation that you can try now, such as racing, cooking, managing, and many more.

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You can find many unique and exciting simulation games today for free. If you’re someone who’s into food-related games, you can find a lot of exciting games for you to try today. You can manage your restaurant from scratch and expand as you earn more money in the game Dream Restaurant.

Restaurants are everywhere in the world as people need to eat food all the time. In this game, you can earn a lot of money by managing your restaurants and serving food. You’ll be the one to serve them the food such as a sandwich, burger, pizza and many more.

As you earn more money and grow your reputation, you can unlock new tables and restaurants and expand your business! You can buy new furniture and make your restaurant more amazing.

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You can also hire waiters and do a little contest with other restaurants! There are so many things to enjoy here.

Dream Restaurant Highlights

You can enjoy a fun game today with Dream Restaurant! Here, you can manage your restaurant!

Manage a restaurant – You can have fun with many food-related games on the Google Play Store right now. There are a lot of exciting games that you can enjoy if you want to right now.

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If you’re someone who loves food and cooking, then you’re able to find a ton of games in this genre right now. You can find many food games that you can play, such as Dream Restaurant. In this game, you’ll manage your restaurant.

If you’ve always wanted to have your restaurant, then this is the perfect chance to do so. Here, you’ll need to do a lot at first such as delivering the food to the customers.

As you earn more and the customers come in, you’ll be able to unlock new food, tables, expand and do more. You can even hire waiters, cooks, and other helpers to help you manage the restaurant. You can do daily quests here, which will reward you if you complete them.  

Deliver orders – If you love food, you’re in luck because, in Dream Restaurant, you can manage your restaurant. In this fun game, you’ll be able to deliver the food directly to the customers.

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You can enjoy doing this and earning money as you slowly grow your restaurant. You can pick up your earnings in this game as more people get to know about your restaurant. You can then gradually unlock new food that you can introduce to people.

Unlock new food and restaurants – In Dream Restaurant, you’re able to unlock new food and restaurants that you can enjoy. You can slowly unlock new food in this game as you get more customers. Naturally, you’ll be able to offer new types of food to keep your customers coming back for more.

You can offer sandwiches, burgers, cookies, ice creams and many more. You can also expand your operations, unlock more tables, and decorate the floor and walls. In this game, you can enjoy running several restaurants!

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Hire people – To help you run your restaurants, you can enjoy the help of many people.

You can hire waiters to help deliver the food from the kitchen to the customers. You don’t even need to work as much when you have helpers in the restaurant!

Download Dream Restaurant APK

If you’re looking for something food-related, you can download Dream Restaurant and enjoy!

Download Dream Restaurant [105.40 Mb]


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