Draw Army APK 2.3.0

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You will need to amass a powerful army of warriors to collect gold for you. Luckily, you have just enough ink to get started. Draw your troops and get to work! Download Draw Army for Android.

Draw Army APK 2.3.0
Name Draw Army
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.3.0
Size 77.24 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer HOMA GAMES
Price Free
Google Play Link com.irlteam.DrawArmy

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Your enemies are amassing armies to fight against you. It’s up to you to continue to push through and collect all of their god coins in the process. Download Draw Army for Android now, and use your pen to draw over your canvas and create soldiers to fight for you.

Manage Your Stats

In order to maintain the power of your warriors, you will need to add bonuses to your stats. There are three different stats that will need to be managed in order to continue progressing. And they are: Defense, Attack, and Ink.

Draw Army Mod APK

Defense is used to keep the durability of your troops high. This will have them taking hits a lot more effectively. Likewise, Attack is the overall damage a singular troop will be doing at a time. Think of it as your DPS value. Finally, Ink is the overall number of fighter you will be able to draw at one time. The more ink that you have, the more soldiers are able to be draw onto your canvas before a level begins.

One Quick Draw Army Tip

Here is one quick tip to help you get good in Draw Army. As we have already stated, you will need to manage all of your stats and set them accordingly. There is a certain way you can assort them in order to achieve a quick victory. Doing this will ultimately have you breezing through any level with ease.

Draw Army APK Latest Version

So, your three stats are Defense, Attack, and Ink. We highly recommend following a specific order to maintain your effectiveness. The order of importance for each stat is as followed: Ink>Defense>Attack. You would be surprised to see that your firepower is actually las ton the list. That’s not to say that any of the three aren’t important. Rather, your Defense and Ink take priority.

The more Ink you have, the more troops you have to break through your enemies. And the higher Defense, the longer this large number can survive for. You’ll be able to endure through almost any situation that comes your way, if you follow this pattern.

Draw Army APK Free Download

You can get an even better version of this great drawing game for Android. Just tap onto the download link and you can have access to the Draw Army Mod APK unlimited money file. This gives you all the coins you’ll ever need to progress and improve in the game. There’s no need to grind. All that’s left for you is to conquer all of your enemies and claim even more gold for your unlimited supply.

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Download Draw Army [77.24 Mb]


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