Dragon Tamer APK 1.0.50

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Have you always wanted to have dragons as pets? In Dragon Tamer, you can collect as many dragons and train them. Then, you can partake in battles today.

Dragon Tamer APK 1.0.50
Name Dragon Tamer
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 1.0.50
Size 919.44 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Google Play Link com.jdgames.dragon.googleplay

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Dragons are mythical creatures that are large and legendary in size and strength. Today, there are many movies, shows and games that showcase these creatures in many scenarios. They are just incredible animals that wield immense strength and incredible flying ability that allows them to go just about anywhere. With that, you can enjoy Dragon Tamer which is a strategy game filled with many dragons. Here, you can hatch many dragons that you can use to fight enemies.

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There are many dragon tamers around the world today and you can create your own paradise island today brimming with life. Here, you can complete many quests today so you can claim your rewards. There are over a hundred unique dragons here with unique abilities, rarities and elements that you can enjoy. Then, you can also challenge many others to battles and participate in alliance events as well as chat with others. This game is similar to Pokémon but with dragons!

Create a Dragon Paradise

If you find dragons fascinating, then you’re part of a huge group of people worldwide with the same attitudes. Dragons are part of folklore in many countries today and they’ve become the subject of many shows, movies and games. We paint dragons as majestic creatures with wings and that they look similar to Komodo Dragons. They are one of the most popular mythical creatures and they breath fire that can wreak havoc to a city instantly. If you enjoy these creatures, then play Dragon Tamer now and create a dragon paradise.

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Here, you will need to create a dragon paradise where you can hatch many types of dragons today. There are over 100 different dragons you can collect and each of them has unique rarity and elements. The dragons here can also be upgraded and trained to become more powerful as they face many battles. Create the best dragon army and paradise you can today as you expand your territory and decorate it yourself.

Here, you can also challenge others into a turn-based fight that lets you see how strong your dragons are. Then, you can also do quests to get rewards.

Highlights of Dragon Tamer

Dragons may be mythical creatures, but their popularity spans for decades. In Dragon Tamer, you can enjoy a fun game right now.

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Create Your Dragon Paradise – There are so many games today that you can’t even choose right now. But if you’re a simple man/woman and you love dragons, then there are many fun games waiting for you. These games usually are role playing and simulation ones which makes sense. Dragon Tamer is one of the best games today that lets you become a trainer of dragons with your own island. Here, you can create the ultimate habitat for your dragons where you can hatch them and train them.

Unlock more than a hundred different dragons classified by their rarity, abilities and elements. Here, each dragon is different so you can keep upgrading each one to raise their overall stats such as HP, attack, defense, and more. You can also unlock unique combat abilities today that you can use in your battle against real opponents. Show off your insane capabilities today and knock off many opponents using your dragons. You can also participate in Alliances and gain many rewards.

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Over 100+ Dragons – There are many different dragons that you can unlock today in Dragon Tamer. Here, you’ll start with dragon eggs that you can hatch in your island and then you can watch them grow over time. Each dragon is unique as they have their rarity, elements and their own abilities that you can utilize. Since there are so many dragons to collect, this means you can enjoy different types of battles today which can bring out the best in you as a trainer. You can then keep upgrading the dragons to make them stronger.

Design Your Paradise – What your dragons need to become stronger and to increase their numbers is a beautiful paradise. This means you will need to create one where you will design everything. You will then need to establish many structures which can help nurture the dragons and keep them happy. Expand your island now and design the best paradise you can for your dragons.

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Challenge Others – Here, you can participate in the quests so you can earn money. There are many levels waiting for you and you can fight plenty of dragons as well. Or, you can challenge other players in one-on-one battles to rise up the leaderboards.

Join Alliances – Enjoy joining alliances today and chat with your friends. You can enjoy quite a lot of things in this game.

Download Dragon Tamer APK – Latest version

If you love dragons, then you don’t need to look any further. Enjoy Dragon Tamer today.

Download Dragon Tamer [919.44 Mb]


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