DIY Keyboard APK

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Love keyboards? Download DIY Keyboard APK now! You can download this game and customize different keycaps now. Feel free to design now and enjoy.

DIY Keyboard APK
Name DIY Keyboard
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version
Size 143.00 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Crazy Labs by TabTale
Price Free
Google Play Link com.qidafcl.sl054

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DIY Keyboard APK – Fun Simulation

There are so many people around the world today that are using computers. Today, we rely on these technologies for our work, school, and personal purposes.

Thanks to computers, we can access the internet, allowing us to enjoy so many websites and apps. If you're someone who uses computers a lot, then you must also use a keyboard. With DIY Keyboard, you're able to enjoy a fun game today!

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There are a lot of fun simulation games that you can enjoy right now. With DIY Keyboard, you're able to customize different keycaps so you can personalize your keyboard. Many people are collecting keyboards and are customizing these to show off.

You can enjoy creating various keycaps as you can select the best designs and colors to use. This game lets you create different keycaps such as acrylic, resin, stencil, pop it, and many more. Feel free to create the best keyboard today.

Customize Key Caps

If you love playing games, you can enjoy a lot of fun ones today. You can freely download simulation games right now as they allow you to do whatever you want.

These are games that usually present specific topics in a new light. You can download these games as they cover a wide range of topics that you can enjoy. If you're into keyboards, then you can enjoy playing DIY Keyboard right now. This is a unique game that lets you customize keycaps!

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There are a lot of keyboard enthusiasts around the world, so much so that there are FB groups for these people. They're people who spend money to customize their keyboards today.

If you're one of these people, you can download DIY Keyboard today. This game lets you enjoy the feeling of customizing keycaps to the extreme. You're free to customize keycaps today as you select the best design and color to use.

You can enjoy many levels and unique makers here. To make your customers smile, feel free to create the best custom keyboard today!

DIY Keyboard Features

Do you want to create custom keyboards? Download DIY Keyboard now and enjoy a fun game.

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Custom keyboards – There are so many enjoyable things that you can do today if you want to play simulation games. You're free to enjoy simulation games today since they're fun and exciting. You can download a lot of simulation games today that focus on different topics you can enjoy.

If you're into computers, specifically keyboards, you can play DIY Keyboard now. This one lets you create custom keyboards for various customers with different requests. You must complete their requests so you can earn money.

If you find it fun to customize keyboards, this game is for you. Here, your job is to customize keyboards for different customers with various needs. Depending on their request, you'll need to create the design they want on their keyboard.

Here, you can enjoy making unique keycaps as you create them using different makers. You can choose different decorations and paint according to the client's request. This is a game that challenges you to the max as you enjoy!

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Different types of makers – As you know, there are different types of keyboards worldwide. Keycaps are the customizable ones, which you can create in DIY Keyboard. These are the ones that identify the letter or symbol on each key switch.

Many people love customizing their keyboards by switching out the keycaps to create a unique theme. In DIY Keyboard, you can create keycaps using different mediums such as resin, acrylic, stencil, pop it, and many more. You'll need to consider the client's request, though.

Designs and colors – With DIY Keyboard, you can create custom keyboards through keycaps. You can customize different keycaps today with different designs such as watermelon, butterfly, flower, orange, and many more.

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You can also select blue, green, orange, yellow, red, and many more. You'll need to consider the customer's request so you can create their ideal keyboard! You can play this fun game right now if you love keyboards.

Enjoyable levels - DIY Keyboard presents a lot of unique levels for you to enjoy today. Each one lets you deal with a unique customer with different requests. You must complete their request as you create the best keyboard for them. Show off your skills today and enjoy the process.

Download DIY Keyboard APK

If you're someone who loves keyboards very much, you can download DIY Keyboard right now!

Download DIY Keyboard [143.00 Mb]


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