Diamond Run APK 1.0

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Diamonds are rare gems that you can get in Diamond Run APK. Experience a casual obstacle course game where the goal is to go through the maze and enjoy.

Diamond Run APK 1.0
Name Diamond Run
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.0
Category Arcade
Developer joodoodoo
Price Free
Google Play Link com.aligamer.DiamondRun

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Download Diamond Run APK – Complex Mazes

If you have a need for a fun game, the casual genre is a fun one. There exists a ton of runner mobile games that we’re blessed with now. One such fun game is Diamond Run in which the goal is to go through the maze.

But the game isn’t so simple that you can see the whole maze and go through it. This is where the real challenge begins.

diamond run apk for android

You’ll play the game vertically which means that you won’t be able to see the whole maze. It’s played in first person POV and in a slightly top-down view. You just need to hold the screen and move left or right to avoid the walls.

If you get hit, the game is over. The challenge is to get as many diamonds as you can to get as far as possible. Think you can go with it? 

How to Play Diamond Run

The casual genre is filled with many excellent games to fill your time. Games under the genre can be enjoyed on your downtime making them a fun game. In Diamond Run, the goal is to go through a maze to get all the diamonds.

diamond run apk

The fun part is that you won’t see all the maze, so you’ll need your skills and eagle vision to play. Playing is easy as you just need to hold the screen and move your screen from left to right to get through the gaps. It’s an easy game where you don’t have to worry about anything else than to go through the maze.

Why Play Diamond Run?

As the name implies, the goal is to get diamonds but there are mazes in the way. Here’s what you can get from the game:

Lots of mazes – Mazes are amazing as they challenge you to heighten your senses. That’s exactly that you’ll be doing in Diamond Run as the challenge only gets harder as you go.

The goal is to get through a maze and capture all the diamonds in the way. It’s truly a simple game that will make the best of your time.

diamond run apk android

Incredibly simple controls – For mobile gamers, the controls are as easy as holding the screen and moving left or right. When you move your fingers to the left, the maze will move to the left and so on.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to get used to the controls as the cube will automatically move in a straightforward line.

High score – The game will record your best scores but when you hit a wall, it will return to the start. The game essentially has no end so you can score as high as you can. This is the perfect offline game to challenge your friends and co-workers with!

Different skins – Although it’s still in development, we’re seeing some skins in the game. The normal one that you’ll be playing is the white cube. But you can buy the next ones through the diamonds which is the game currency.

diamond run apk download

Wacky sounds – The game has some wacky soundtracks that you can listen to. When you collect a diamond, there’s a ding sound that you’ll hear. Then, the wall sounds will also produce a funny sound effect. But the background sounds is enough to make you in a mood to have fun.

Download  Run APK – latest version

When you want to have fun running in mazes, Diamond Run is a fun game to play as it’s free.

Download Diamond Run []


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