DC Battle Arena Mod APK 1.0.34

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Love the DC universe? Download DC Battle Arena now and enjoy a real-time PVP multiplayer game where you can collect heroes and fight others. Enjoy it now.

DC Battle Arena Mod APK 1.0.34
Name: DC Battle Arena
Compatible with: Android 5.0+
Last version: 1.0.34
Size: 722M
MOD: No ads
Category: Action
Developer: Electronic Soul
Price: Free
Google Play Link: com.dianhun.oversea.dcua
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There have been tons of superhero games that were created now. But sometimes, they can be boring especially if it doesn’t feature a multiplayer mode. Fighting against only computer opponents today have gone out of style as many games are now online. Thanks to the influence of battle royale games, a lot of new games are now online. DC Battle Arena is the newest superhero game where you can enjoy multiplayer battle modes!

dc battle arena mod apk

Published by Electronic Soul, this game lets you collect all of the popular DC heroes which includes Green Lantern, Nightwing, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batman and many more! You can then team up with your friends to fight in 3v3v3 fights against real players where you can enjoy completing different tasks. There are plenty of game modes to enjoy in here today such as Takedown, Survival, 1v1 Duel and more! You’ll need different strategies to win but the most important thing is to enjoy.

An Incredible Superhero Battle

If you’re into superheroes, you can enjoy plenty of games right now in the subject. But there are two main universes today that are competing in the big screen which is Marvel and DC. We all know the superheroes in these franchises but if you’re a big fan of DC, then you’ll love this new game. DC Battle Arena is a multiplayer game that will remind you of Brawl Stars as well as other similar games. Here, the goal is to eliminate other players using your unique skills and superheroes that you collected.

dc battle arena apk latest verison

There are many DC superheroes available today such as Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Joker, The Flash, Constantine, Wonder Woman and many more. Each of these characters have unique HP and attack power as well as skills! You can then level them up and unlock more skills in the game today. Fight others today in a fast-paced 3v3v3 matches where you can enjoy strategizing with teammates.

Battle for glory now and enjoy different game modes such as 1v1, Duel, Takedown and Survival. Get the most insane superhero game today!

DC Battle Arena Features

If you want to enjoy a superhero game, try DC Battle Arena. This is a new one that lets you fight against real players online.

dc battle arena apk free download

Superhero Fights – There are many superhero games today thanks to the influence they have on movies and shows. We now enjoy an age where there are different movies and even games that you can play today about superheroes. But if you’re looking for something to play with against real people, download DC Battle Arena now. This is a multiplayer game where you can collect popular DC heroes such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and many more!

Enjoy intense game modes where the objective would be to eliminate the enemies! The mechanics and graphics are similar to Brawl Stars but the controls are similar to MOBA games! The result is a highly-unique and entertaining game you can play with friends today. Here, you can unlock different heroes with unique skills and you can build your own team of powerful heroes. Then, you can play in the global stage and fight against real people in a variety of game modes.

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Unlock Many DC Characters – There are many DC superheroes and characters available in this game today. Unlock iconic ones such as Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, The Joker, Harley Queen, Deathstroke, Nightwing, Scarlet, Black Adam, Pretender Crown and many more! Each of these heroes are unique and they have unique stats as well. Assemble the best heroes today in your team and enjoy incredible fights!

What’s even more amazing is that there are plenty of different skins available for each character as well. Unlock them today to show different sides to the characters now. You can unlock them using your coins and gems that you’ve earned from battle.

Plenty of Game Modes – DC Battle Arena is a multiplayer game that lets you fight in a top-down style today. Here, you can enjoy different game modes and multiplayer battles. There’s the popular 1v1 where you can fight against one real player. Then, you can team up with 3v3v3 fights and enjoy other modes such as Takedown and Survival. Each game mode requires unique strategies so practice now!

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Intense Graphics and Easy Controls – The graphics of this game is truly breathtaking as it’s reminiscent to many MOBA games. The 3D aspect of it is remarkable and you’ll enjoy the cute designs of the characters today.

A Fun Gameplay – This game combines many of the popular online games today in one unique style!

Download DC Battle Arena Mod APK – Latest version

Enjoy the DC universe now in DC Battle Arena! Get ready and team up to fight real players.

Download DC Battle Arena [722M]

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