Dazz Cam APK 1.1.2

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A lot of us use our phone cameras. But if you want to take stunning photos, get Dazz Cam APK now for your Android device! Enjoy many filters, effects, and more!

Dazz Cam APK 1.1.2
Name Dazz Cam
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.1.2
Size 32M
Category Photography
Developer FX Photo Studio - Free Music & Video Apps
Price Free
Google Play Link com.vaporcamera.callafilter

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We live in a world today where we can do anything we want right now. Thanks to numerous technological inventions such as smartphones, we are a step closer to a world we desire. Right now, there are many smartphones in existence and most of them have cameras. There are also many photo editor apps available in the market and you can use them to edit your photos easily. But Dazz Cam is different because it offers photo editing and video editing tools.

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Published by FX Photo Studio, this app contains 90s vintage camera effects and filters that you can use. This means you only need to select a style that fits you and you can easily export them. There are various selections, filters, mirror effects, vintage effects and even live video filters. It opens up the camera on the app and you can already apply the effects before you even capture the photos. Thus, you can create the most stunning photos today!

Enjoy Editing

We used to exclusively edit photos on software applications using computers before smartphones existed. Although computer editing applications are still widely used today, people prefer editing through smartphone apps now. The convenience and ease of use are what separates these apps from their computer counterparts. But since there have been plenty of camera apps out there, you might not be looking for a new one right now. However, Dazz Cam offers a new way to edit your photos today with interesting light leakage effects and more.

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Enjoy the dazz today with over 50 vintage filters that you can apply to your pre-existing photos and new ones. This means the filters are already applied to the camera even before you take the shot! There are also lots of amazing effects, overlays, light leaks, glitch effects, cinematic filters and many more. There are many old filters you can use today such as Fuji, Ilford, Agfa, Kodak and many more. Plus, you can enjoy this pocket photographer app that’s light and free.

Moreover, there are live video filters you can use and a timer function as well. Overall, you can create stunning photos that you can share with this app!  

Highlights of Dazz Cam

There’s a lot of photo editing apps available in the market right now. But Dazz Cam is a different breed altogether!

Simply Edit and Share – It’s not surprising to see that many people today use smartphones on a daily basis. These devices provide the best apps and features that are proving to be useful nowadays. One of its best features is the camera which is embedded at the front and the rear part of the device. With the camera, you can take photos and videos of just about anything today. But to makes things even better, you can use photo editing apps to add some stunning filters.

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Even though we don’t use vintage cameras now, we still love the look they provide us. With Dazz Cam, you can enjoy the vintage look that you’re missing today! Here, there are a lot of vintage filters available that you can use to create incredible photos and videos. There are also modern effects and overlays you’re free to utilize here as you can select a lot of them. Moreover, you can easily use the app as it functions just like a regular camera app.

Vintage Filters – Back then, people didn’t appreciate the vintage look as much as we do today. There’s just something interesting and appealing with the classic photos that we want to replicate them today. Thankfully, this app provides us with many retro-style filters that you can use on your photos. There are many film effects that you can recreate here such as Fuji, Kodak, Agfa and Ilford! Freely select the best style for you today and impress your followers as you share photos on social media.  

Various Effects – Aside from the vintage filters, you can also add spiral effects to your photos to make them look 3D! Not only that but you can add many gradient overlays to your photos to add backgrounds and aesthetic effects. There are also light effects that makes your photos stand out from ordinary ones. If you’re still not satisfied with that, you can enjoy the Glitch Effects available here and Cinematic filters!

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Video Editor – We use videos in almost every situation today. In Dazz Cam, you can enjoy shooting live videos with effects and filters embedded on them. You can also edit existing videos and trim them, adjust he speed and apply your favorite filters.

Download and share – After applying your filter, you can easily download your photo/video to your device! Feel free to share them, use it as a profile picture and more!

Download Dazz Cam APK – Latest version

Access all of the filters and effects today with Dazz Cam! Download and create the most stunning photos now.

Download Dazz Cam [32M]


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