Critical Ops APK 1.36.0.f2064

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Download Critical Ops APK Latest Version free for Android. Enjoy the multiplayer FPS Shooter game made for fast-paced action.

Critical Ops APK 1.36.0.f2064
Name Critical Ops
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.36.0.f2064
Size 658.53 Mb
Category Action
Developer Critical Force Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops

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Now, let’s discuss the different game modes in the Critical Ops game. As a multiplayer game, there will be a fair share of various game modes to keep everything fun. No worries, there should be a little something for everyone who loves FPS shooters.

Without further ado, here are all of the different modes available in Critical Ops…

Defuse: Here, two teams will go all out against each other to plant a bomb and detonate them in the opponent’s goal. This will test out your tactical skills and determine which squad is better coordinated.


Team Deathmatch: Next, the traditional deathmatch mode is available for players to enjoy. The main objective here is to ensure that your team comes out with the most kills. Each and every one of your bullets will count, don’t waste any time.

Gun Game: Lastly, this is a fun way to test your weapon proficiency. In Gun Game, you will cycle through all of the guns in the game. To begin, you start with the lowest ranking and then work your way up, as you continue to get kills.

Finding a Match in Critical Ops

Now that you have selected the mode you like, you will need to ensure that you have been put in the correct matchmaking section. Here, you can determine, how you play each mode in the larger picture.

The different options for matchmaking are as follows…


Quick Games: Get a game as soon as possible in this selection. If you don’t care about the exact matchmaking and just want to play ASAP, this is the option for you.

Ranked Game: Next, with the Ranked Game Mode, your reputation is on the line. You will need to work on your ranking in the leaderboards. So, play this mode when you are confident in your ability to win


Custom Game: Finally, the Custom Game Mode will allow you to play any games the classic way. Create your own rules and host your room. This mode is best played casually with your friends for fun. If you don’t want to be too serious, this is where you want to go.


With the nearly realistic graphics, you’ll have a high sense of immersion in the game. There is no reason to deny how good the HD quality visuals of the game are. This is one of the high selling points of the Critical Ops game that keeps players hooked on every second of the gameplay.

Crirical Ops 

But wait, the Critical Ops APK Android download will add some benefits to your gameplay. If you are a sore loser, or just want to stay ahead of the game, download this version. The additional features, will outweigh any need to play the basic adaption of the game.


So, choose this version as your definitive adaption of the game. You won’t regret your decision, with all of the super-cool benefits and additions.

Download Critical Ops [658.53 Mb]


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