Craft Island APK 1.13.2

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There are quite a lot of games about surviving. But Craft Island is different as it allows you to create your own island today. Chop as many trees as you can now.

Craft Island APK 1.13.2
Name Craft Island
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.13.2
Size 84.07 Mb
Category Action
Developer HOMA GAMES
Price Free
Google Play Link net.DuckyGames.CraftIsland

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There are so many games to enjoy today which involves islands, surviving, crafting and more. Since many people enjoy these types of games, it’s easy to find one that you can enjoy playing right now. If you don’t mind chopping up countless trees and building different structures, then Craft Island is the game to play now. Published by Homa Games, this unique game requires you to chop many trees so you can erect structures. You can then exchange this for coins which you can use to unlock other areas.

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Here, there are many areas that you can unlock right now that you’ll enjoy. Since there are so many areas that you can unlock, you’ll need to get chopping as there are a lot of trees that spawn here. Then, you can also upgrade your weapon to chop the trees faster and to erect different structures. You can create a house, a shop, a wood converter and many more.

Chop Countless Woods

Have you ever chopped a tree before? It’s a tiring job that involves dangerously putting yourself in a position where the tree can accidentally fall on you. Even the professionals require special equipment to do this job quickly and efficiently. But if you enjoy it and creating your own island, then Craft Island is the best game for you now. It’s a game that allows you to chop as many trees as you can today so you can collect wood. You can then exchange the wood for money!

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Then, you can use the money to unlock as many areas as you can surrounding the island. This is to extend your island and to spawn more trees so you can earn more money. As you can see, this is a game that lets you do these things repetitively today such as chopping and unlocking areas. But the great thing here is that you can upgrade your weapon to chop more trees and to get more rewards.

You can also build houses, wells, shops, bridges and other structures in this game today. There are so many places to unlock and many trees to chop!

Craft Island Features

If you’re keen on chopping trees for money, play Craft Island now. This is an exciting game about survival and islands.

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Create Your Island – There are a lot of islands around the world right now. A lot of people are enjoying their vacations on various islands around the world. It’s great to be surrounded by beaches and beautiful sceneries today as you relax and enjoy your time. But if you’re looking to live on an island by yourself, you’ll need to be courageous and hardworking. In Craft Island, you can test your strength and skills today as you chop as many trees as you can.

Here, you can chop many trees in the island and convert it for coins. Then, you can use your coins today to unlock many areas of the island to expand it. This is a game where you can continuously upgrade your weapon so you can chop quickly and more efficiently. You can also erect structures like wells, houses, shops and many more today. Enjoy a fun survival and island game right now!

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Chop Trees – There are many trees to chop in this fun game right now. Here, the trees spawn randomly and you’ll be doing a lot of chopping in this game. Then, you can exchange the wood for cash so you can do more things. In this game, there are hundreds of trees that you can unlock and you can then move on to another world. There are unique worlds available in this game and in each world, you’ll gain more money from chopping.

Unlock and Upgrade – Craft Island also allows you to unlock many parts of the island using coins. This allows you to spawn more trees so you can also create structures. There are plenty of worlds available here and you can also upgrade your weapon. In doing so, you will be able to chop more trees easily and you can earn more coins.

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Expand your Island – In this game, you can expand your island by using your coins. There are so many places that you can unlock today and you can even build bridges! Enjoy the journey of unlocking many islands today and connecting them all.

Create Structures – There are many structures to build here such as bridges, wells, blacksmiths, shops, wood generators and many more.

Download Craft Island APK

Enjoy a fun chopping game with Craft Island! Chop and unlock many areas today and build your island.

Download Craft Island [84.07 Mb]


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