Chartzy Mod APK 1.1

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Are you into Mobile Legends? If you are, then CharTzy is the ultimate tool for you. Access unique features drone view, unlimited health, and many more.

Chartzy Mod APK 1.1
Name Chartzy Mod
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.1
Size 5 MB
Category Action
Developer Chartzy Official
Price Free

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CharTzy APK – Access Mobile Legends Tools

MOBA games are popular for a reason. They're addictive because they allow players to fight in 5 versus five matches where the objective is to destroy the enemy's base. As such, there'll be plenty of towers, jungle monsters, and enemies you'll face in the game.

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Not to mention, there are a variety of characters you can select with unique abilities and special skills in these games. But if you want to become good at the game quickly, download CharTzy now!

This app is the ultimate companion tool for Mobile Legends players since it allows them to access many tools today. Check out the map tool, where you can see the enemy's positions on the map quickly. Plus, you can get all of the Mobile Legends skins and characters available in the game soon!

With this, you can get an insane number of unfair tools that will steer the game in your favor. Lastly, you can enjoy many safety features, ensuring that you won't be banned when you use this.

How Does CharTzy Work?

There are many MOBA games in existence right now, but Mobile Legends is in a different league. It's the most popular out of the bunch mainly because it's one of the first to come out, and it has maintained a lot of cool features over the years.

It has hundreds and millions of players actively enjoying the game, which can be intimidating for new players. But fear not, as when you have the CharTzy tool, you can dominate even the top rankers.

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Here, you can access the map tool, an insanely fantastic tool that can give you the real-time locations of the enemies on the map! Then, the ESP line and health tools will let you know the exact locations and the enemies' health.

With these, you should be able to make surprise attacks and easily dodge and enemy ambushes. Then, there's also the Drone View which can increase your field of view. Now, no one will dare come near you since you'll know about it quickly.

You can also get all the Mobile Legends skins for all the characters and the characters themselves.

CharTzy Features

When it comes to MOBA games like Mobile Legends, your best bet is to use CharTzy to come out on top!

An Insane Tool – When it comes to strategy games, there are no easy ways to win. Everything here is based on strategy, skills, mastery, luck, and other factors. It's not a linear game that you can easily beat by just using your skills or overpowered characters though it helps.

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Because of this, the playing field is leveled, and many beginners struggle to rank up. However, that can all change easily with CharTzy!

With this app, you can access the map tool, which allows you to see all the enemy's real-time positions on the minimap! This means that you can essentially perform sneak attacks anytime you like. Then, the Drone view will increase your opinion by providing you with more screen real estate.

Then, there's also the Enemy Lag tool which will offer a 25% delay on the response of your enemies! With these tools, you can easily dominate the rankings and become the best.

Real-Time Maps – If you've been playing Mobile Legends for a while now, then you know just how vital the map is. Skilled players are constantly aware of the position of their enemies and allies! Even though they can see the position of enemies in mere seconds, this is enough to predict where they are.

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Imagine if the same player has access to CharTzy! This would allow you to see the positions of the enemies in real-time constantly. This means that you can easily dominate the enemies wherever they are.

Drone Views – You can also use the Drone View, allowing you to get a broader view of the battlefield! This lets you get the ideal view so you can get an unfair advantage on the game.

With this, you should be able to see enemies clearly no matter how far they are.

Unlock all ML Skins – As you know, there are many Mobile Legends skins available today. You can then unlock all of them using this tool easily. There's no need to pay real money to get the juicy skins.

ESP – Combine all of those tools with ESP, and you'll have an unstoppable character! What this tool does is that it allows you to watch through terrains and walls.

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The Fighter's health – You don't need to worry about getting destroyed as you also have unlimited health here! Pounce on your enemies like there's no tomorrow now.

Download CharTzy – Latest version

You don't need to spend a lot of time and effort to grind your Mobile Legends account if you have CharTzy! Download it now and enjoy!

Download Chartzy Mod [5 MB]


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