Catch Tiles Magic Piano APK 2.1.9

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Do you love piano and music? Play Catch Tiles Magic Piano now enjoy a fun game filled with music and piano tiles! Can you catch all the tiles in tune of the music?

Catch Tiles Magic Piano APK 2.1.9
Name Catch Tiles Magic Piano
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 2.1.9
Size 138.45 Mb
Category Music
Developer WingsMob
Price Free
Google Play Link com.wingsmob.bluepiano

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Are you in love with music? Perhaps you love playing the piano and recreating different masterpieces? If that’s the case, then you will love this new mobile game called Catch Tiles Magic Piano. A game by WingsMob, this game is designed for music lovers all around the globe. Play a fascinating game of music and try to beat your high scores.

Catch Tiles Magic Piano Mod APK

Even if Catch Tiles Magic Piano isn’t the first of its kind, it’s a wonderful game with eye-catching graphics. The beautiful character designs and the visuals and animations are fun enough on their own. Are you patient enough to catch all the tiles in tune to the beat? Can you beat other people in a battle of time-management and pure skills?

A Music-Inspired Game

There have been many releases of piano music games years ago. Today, we have an abundance of these games but you can play another one with unique capabilities. Catch Tiles Magic Piano is a game with a theme of “magic” written all over it. If you enjoy simple and eye-candy graphics, this game can offer you a lot. With enticing graphics and vivid gameplay, you can play this one till you tire out.

Catch Tiles Magic Piano Mod APK

But what exactly is this mobile game? If you’ve played Piano Tiles before, you should already be familiar with Catch Tiles Magic Piano. They are practically the same game but with different styles and genres. Here, there are a lot more songs to play with and a variety of genres to select from such as pop, EDM, Kpop, classic and even anime songs. Fulfill your desire for a music-filled game now!

Things You Can Expect in Catch Tiles Magic Piano  

What are you looking for in music game? Is it the graphics? The gameplay? Or a combination of these plus more factors? Whatever it may be, you would be surprise by what you can play in Catch Tiles Magic Piano.

A popular type of game – Do you love listening to music? Whatever genre you love to play, you might love music-inclined games. Catch Tiles Magic Piano is a mobile game that allows players to play with their favorite music. Try to tap the piano tiles as they go by below! These are all in-tuned to the music that’s playing to help players. But even so, the game becomes difficult with different tracks, levels and opponents. Can you beat your high score and become the best?

Catch Tiles Magic Piano Mod APK

Diversity of genres – What genre do you love listening to? Are you a pop music fan? Or do you love to rock and roll to hard rock songs? Perhaps you are a GEN Z who loves Kpop and anime songs? Whatever genre you love listening to, you can search for them in Catch Tiles Magic Piano. You can play songs that belong to classic, EDM, pop, rock and more! Enjoy a diversity of genres to keep your playing experience unique.

Upload your own songs – Are you a composer? In Catch Tiles Magic Piano, you could upload your own songs and play it! Whether these are your own songs or you’ve downloaded it elsewhere, you can easily use it in the game. The game will then recognize all the beats and create a level that suits it well. Create fun gameplays with different songs and enjoy a fun experience. There’s no limit to how many songs you can upload as long as you have the storage space for it.

Download Catch Tiles Magic Piano For Android

Daily rewards and lucky wheel – To make the game even more enjoyable, there are daily rewards you can collect. Come back daily and collect your rewards which you can use to unlock different things. There is also a lucky wheel to test your luck and see if you can reel in big rewards. You can then use the money you earn to unlock cute game tiles and different songs. Catch Tiles Magic Piano also features fun and cute themes to make playing even more delightful.

Battle with online players and beat high scores – Are you competitive? If you are, then Catch Tiles Magic Piano is a great battleground for you. Battle players from all over the world and see who can accurately tap more tiles. Show them what you’re capable off and beat high scores set by real people.

Catch Tiles Magic Piano APK

Wondering what music game to play next? Download Catch Tiles Magic Piano for free and experience a magical piano music game.

Download Catch Tiles Magic Piano [138.45 Mb]


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