Castle Clash APK 3.6.8

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Do you enjoy strategy games the most? Download Castle Clash APK Developer heroes and defend your base as you upgrade your towers!

Castle Clash APK 3.6.8
Name Castle Clash
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 3.6.8
Size 595.73 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer IGG.COM
Price Free
Google Play Link com.igg.castleclash

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Download Castle Clash APK – Clash Strategy

Many incredible strategy games are available right now to play. There are all sorts of fantastic games that will test your skills and strategies as you enjoy the game.

If you’re into puzzle games, there are so many amazing ones that you can download right now. But if you’re into fantasy battle games, then you can install Castle Clash and enjoy a fun one. Here, you’ll be able to deploy heroes and defend your castle.

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This is the same game if you’ve played Clash of Clans before. Here, you can build your castle as you collect resources even when you’re sleeping. Here, you can erect so many buildings like the Town Hall, Attack buildings, defensive buildings, resource buildings, decorations, and more.

You can also unlock many classified heroes, such as Ordinary, Elite, and Legendary. You can use troops if you’re going for dungeons, raids, and quests. There are so many aspects to this game that you can enjoy today!

Build Your Kingdom

There are a lot of games today that will test your knowledge on skills without you being bored. These are strategy games, and you can download so many of them as they’re free right now.

You can search the Google Play Store, and you’ll find many strategy games to play like The Ants, Clash of Clans, Kingdoms Glory, Boom Beach, Thetan Arena, War and Order, and many more. If you’re looking for a similar game to Clash of Clans, then you can download Castle Clash right now!

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In this game from, you can enjoy building your kingdom from scratch. You can build various buildings like attack, defensive, resources, decorations, and the Town Hall. You can unlock heroes here, which are your main forces when going on raids and dungeons.

You can enjoy heroes like Alchemist, Marauder, Engineer, Werewolf, Assassin, Triton, Champion, Ninja, Succubus, Paladin, Spirit Mage, Thunder God, Snowzilla, and many more. You can also get troops to accompany your heroes in battle.

There are different ways to battle in the game. You can go raid other players’ kingdoms as you destroy them or steal their loot. You can also enjoy other game modes.

Castle Clash Highlights

If you’re into strategy games, then there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy Castle Clash. This is a fun game to play.

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Build and defend your kingdom – You can have fun with many exciting games right now. If you’re confident in your thinking abilities, then you can enjoy quite a lot of games right now.

There are so many enjoyable strategy games that you can download right now. One of them is Castle Clash, and it’s similar to Clash of Clans. If you love that game, you’ll enjoy this one as well.

Here, you’ll need to build your kingdom from scratch as you’re in charge of everything. You’ll need to unlock buildings that let you defend and attack other players.

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In this game, you can go on raids using heroes and troops that you obtain in the game. You’re free to get loots and rewards for successful raids and dungeons that you clear. You can also go on Hero Expeditions, Heroes Trial, Lost Realm, and many more.

Various battles – In Castle Clash, you’ll enjoy many types of battles that you can partake in. The main one is the Raids, where players will either defend their kingdom or raid another player’s castle. Here, you can utilize different formations to protect your base from creating a formidable one.

You can also use heroes and troops that you can unlock using the currency in the game. There’s also the Dungeons were clearing them will yield you Shards. Then, you can also enjoy other battles like Hero Expeditions, Here Be Monsters, Heroes Trial, Lost Realm, Lost Battlefield, and more.

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Heroes and troops – As mentioned earlier, you can get heroes in Castle Clash. They are your main attacking force, so you should focus on obtaining good ones. They’re categorized in Ordinary, Elite, and Legendary. You can get heroes like Angel, Frost Witch, Hill Giant, Shaman, Executioner, Serpent Queen, Ice Demon, Spirit Mage, Druid, Aries, Moltanica, and many more.

Each hero has different skills that can benefit you in a specific way. This means infinite ways a battle can go in this game. You can also unlock troops that will accompany your heroes to battle!

Buildings and guilds – You can also build various buildings here to protect and develop your kingdom. These include resource buildings, decorations, attack buildings, defensive buildings, and the Town Hall. You can also join a guild to earn more rewards!

Download Castle Clash APK

If you’re searching for a great strategy game today, why not download Castle Clash apk.

Download Castle Clash [595.73 Mb]


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