Captain TNT APK 1.3.85

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Do you like blowing up buildings? In Captain TNT, you can play the ultimate blowing game with Captain TNT! Enjoy many levels and structures to blow!

Captain TNT APK 1.3.85
Name Captain TNT
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.3.85
Size 152.32 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer VOODOO
Price Free
Google Play Link com.feelnside.explodeme

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If you love simulation games, there are so many of them that you can play right now. There are so many fun games to try right now where you can do anything you want.

But the most fun simulation games seem to come from a single publisher called VOODOO, as there are tons of simulation games under their belt. One of their newest creations is called Captain TNT, and it’s a fun game to try! Here, your only objective is to blow the buildings in front of you!

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Most people think that blowing buildings takes no skill at all. But in reality, it’s being handled by professionals with years of experience and training. In this game, you’ll need to blow the buildings and create as much damage as possible with a few bombs you have!

There are tons of structures to blow up today, such as houses, apartments, buildings, offices, and many more. You can go around the structures and put the bombs wherever you want today!

Blow up Buildings

There are many fun simulation games to try and play right now. If you’re looking for the best ones, there are many fun ones to choose from, involving shooting, racing, truck driving, mechanics, flight, and many more. You can have fun with so many games today that simulate a unique aspect.

With so many games that you can find, you can try something unique with Captain TNT! This is a game that will have you blow up buildings and houses as much as you want!

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Contrary to most games, this one lets you enjoy blowing up bombs today to destroy various buildings and houses. Today, there are different levels where you can destroy unique structures like houses, barns, apartment complexes, buildings, and more!

You’re only given a limited number of bombs per level, so you must maximize them and place them strategically. You can put them on pillars and at the low levels to make physics work for you today!

You can enjoy a realistic bombing simulation today with this game! Have fun with tons of challenging levels to play.

Features of Captain TNT

If you’re someone who enjoys many explosions, then Captain TNT is the perfect game for you to play now.

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Detonate buildings – You can have fun with all sorts of mobile games today as there are so many categories. There have been so many unique ones that have been created over the years.

But the category that most people are interested in today is simulation games. There are many various types of simulation games available now, from shooting to driving to puzzles.

But Captain TNT is one of the unique ones, even among others! This one lets you blow up as many structures as you can in the game. You’ll need to blow up various buildings today at different levels to complete them.

Each one features a unique structure such as houses, buildings, barns, garages, and many more. Then, you’ll only have a limited number of bombs to use, which you can use to place them all around the building! Enjoy realistic physics, sounds, and graphics in this game today.

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Fun levels to play – In Captain TNT, you’re free to blow up as many buildings as you can today! Each level presents a unique structure that you’ll need to blow up, such as barns, buildings, apartments, houses, and many more. You can then use your wits to try and blow up the structure entirely by placing the TNTs.

It would help if you took note that you’ll only be given a limited number of bombs at each level, so you must use them wisely. You can place them in pillars, at the lower levels, and many more! There are tons of levels to enjoy here and lots of buildings to blow!

Enjoyable graphics and physics – In this game, you can enjoy the most realistic graphics as you can blow up buildings. You can enjoy the realistic physics here, where you can enjoy the realistic way that facilities will be destroyed.

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It all depends on where you placed the bombs, which will determine if you completed the level. Here you must aim to destroy the structure 100% every time to get the maximum rewards!

Realistic sounds and detonator – In this game, you can enjoy the realistic graphics and sounds today! There’s also the detonator which you can use to blow up the structure after placing the bombs! Enjoy the show today.

Captain TNT APK

Blow up as many buildings as you can now! Have fun in Captain TNT and complete many levels.

Download Captain TNT [152.32 Mb]


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