Bus Simulator City Ride APK 1.1.2

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Download Bus Simulator City Ride APK and sit in the driver's seat. At the same time, you drive people to a different city. You can also make use of different buses.

Bus Simulator City Ride APK 1.1.2
Name Bus Simulator City Ride
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.1.2
Size 734.1 MB
Category Simulation
Developer astragon Entertainment GmbH
Price $3.99
Google Play Link com.astragon.bussim

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Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK

Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK is an exciting racing game where you get to be the boss of this game; you are expected to be the driver throughout the game; you get into the driver's seat and drive a different type of people across the city, various cars are made available for you to use, it depends mainly on you which you are going to choose, in the process of driving the car round the whole city, you are expected to manage the vehicle carefully enough.

bus simulator city ride mod apk all cars unlocked

Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK free download is up for android and IOS devices; Bus Simulator City Ride game is excellent gameplay for a bus ride, you can control your bus however you want, or you might grow so fast and become the owner of the biggest bus company.

Detailed Description of Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK.

Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK's latest version is a bus simulator game which is up for download on IOS devices and Android devices. In the Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK, you are the driver of the bus and every time you get to a stop or a pick-up stop, and you stop to pick up people or make them alight from your bus. As much as the gameplay might seem simple enough, it has challenges that make it more serious and exciting. You are expected to manage your bus well and keep it clean.

bus simulator city ride mod apk

Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK's primary goal is for you to ride your bus across the city to either drop people off or pick people up. There are many things you can do when it comes down to this game, and you can be a manager of cars, you can be the driver. Owning this car will make you realize that you always have to keep the car clean, especially if you want people to enter your boss and take it for a check-up.

There are so many things you see once you drive into the city, so many beautiful places, which means you can make that base where you will pick up people and drop them after. Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK includes levels where you will have to overcome challenges if you want to go to another class or upgrade your bud and repair the necessary bus part. Havensburg will be the city where you will be driving your bus, which might not be the most accessible place to ride a bus.

Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK contains the best graphics feature that you could ever ask for; it has beautiful buses beautiful city where there are beautiful houses and offices; the pictures alone can make you play the game, and the graphics are outstanding, stylish, colour and beautiful. Therefore, it stands out among other bus simulator games.

bus simulator city ride mod apk android

The game is one of the best Bus simulation games you could ever imagine and has the proper gameplay. In other words, it captures what happens on the bus daily, how the city is bustling and how people are waiting in turn to get their bus tickets.

Features of Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK


The Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK android gameplay can seem so simple. Yet, it is challenging, interesting and exciting. The game's primary goal is to become a driver, manager and bus owner. Although you can get into the driver's seat while people go into the bus to be carried to their destination on the bustling street of Havensburg, there are a lot of challenges to face, such as the passenger shouting in the bus or the one sleeping, or the cars on the road that are not going as they should and so many other things that can infuriate you.

There are particular rules you have to follow that will help you finish your game early or get to new levels as possible, which can make you get different types of cars and buses. You are expected to take risks to become the best bus driver in the game. You can also go through the city alone without taking any passengers.

bus simulator city ride mod apk download


Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK has so many exciting levels, and anytime you play and win, you get different outcomes; you might be given a new bus or something that can be used to elevate your bus, which will make more passengers wait for your bus instead of entering into another one here. As you approach higher levels, the gameplay becomes complicated for you to navigate through. Still, with the help of rules and instructions, you will be able to do that without much restriction.

Unlimited Cars

As time goes on, you will need to get upgraded cars or get some new ones. However, in the Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK all unlimited cars unlocked can give you the ability to have uncountable cars, which you have to work for; there are about eight buses which can be won, and if the bus is the difference maker and they are of standard creation, after winning the buses, you can choose anyone you want to drive around the city, or you can build a new company and design every of it as you wish.

bus simulator city ride mod apk free download


If you have a flare for riding buses and you love to see lovely places, the best game that suit you at that point is the Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK.

Download Bus Simulator City Ride [734.1 MB]


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