Blob Runner 3D APK 6.5.0

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Do you love slimes and obstacle courses games? If you do, then it means that you won’t be disappointed with Blob Runner 3D!

Blob Runner 3D APK 6.5.0
Name Blob Runner 3D
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 6.5.0
Size 243.98 Mb
Category Action
Developer Zynga
Price Free
Google Play Link com.quok.blobRunner

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This silly game has become ultra-popular over the past months with more than 5 million downloads now. What this game excels in is in letting you experience what it’s like to be a blob of slime that will have to evade different objects. It’s a fun game that tests out your reflexes!

Blob Runner 3D Mod APK

Unless you’ve been laying low for the past months, you may have played one of these obstacle courses games. They’re the trend nowadays and many games have come popping up each with their own versions. But with Zynga, they chose to create one where the player will try to go over different obstacle levels while being as fragile as possible! Try not to lose all your slimy features at the end of each level to complete it! But you will also have the chance to regain your slime as there are many blobs of it scattered in the courses.

Race as a Slime

Are you a jolly person who loves playing with slimes? Do you love gummy bears? If so, then you’ll probably like Blob Runner 3D. This game features slimes shaped like a human as a character that you’ll play in. This is an action runner game which means that you’ll go through a series of obstacle courses to try and complete them. Each of the levels have unique obstacle objects scattered around which you need to evade.

Blob Runner 3D APK Latest Version

To make the game even more fun, you can also unlock and use many hats and skins. There are a lot of normal hats and even unique ones such as Santa’s hat, a magician’s hat, a graduation hat and a cowboy’s hat. To complete the look, there are different skins that you can use from. There are different colored one such as pink, black, violet, green, blue and more! Play this incredible obstacle course game with vigor and excitement as you collect diamonds and slimes!

Blob Runner 3D Features

Do you find slimes to be fun to play with? Blob Runner 3D is a runner game filled with different slimes and obstacle course races.

Blob Runner 3D APK Free Download

Play as a blob – Are you a guy that enjoys slimes? Perhaps you’ve created them in the past months or you’ve played with them. But in Blob Runner 3D, you’ll play as one! As crazy as it sounds, this game has been well-received by the mobile gaming community! Here, you’ll play in wild courses filled with dangerous objects that are out to grab you. You must try to keep even an ounce of slime in you if you want to finish the level. But to help you, you can pick up and merge with different slime blobs lying around. This is while you’re avoiding obstacles in the way such as springs, spinning wheels, and many more!

Race in different tracks – In Blob Runner 3D, you can play in different tracks in each level. Each of them has different objects in each of them that you must go through. You can dodge most of the objects but you have no choice in others such as the poles. Either way, you’ll need to retain at least a little bit of a slime as you can collect many later on. The more you collect, the more you grow and the more rewards you can reap at the end. Enjoy countless hard levels and master the art of slime running!

Download Blob Runner 3D For Android

Unlock a variety of hats and skins – What is more fun than an obstacle course game involving slimes? How about being able to customize your slime? In Blob Runner 3D, you are able to collect different types of hats and skins. Have fun making your character look like a complete crazy guy with fancy hats and silly ones such as an Irish hat. Then, you can change into a completely different character by just selecting different skins. They are all in different colors so you can have a different experience every time.

Fun and sleek graphics - Blob Runner 3D has the graphics on point! Everything is smooth especially the animation of the slime. It feels like you’re really playing as a slime in this world.

Download Blob Runner 3D APK – Latest version

Tired of normal racing games? Try Blob Runner 3D for once and you’ll be amazed by the gameplay!

Download Blob Runner 3D [243.98 Mb]


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