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There are so many fun things you can do in Beat Cat! Here, you can enjoy a game where you can play various instruments and create special performances now!

Beat Cat APK
Name Beat Cat
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version
Size 77.50 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Wonder Game Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

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There are many fun cat games to play right now, and they’re perfect for kids and adults alike! Who doesn’t love cats – they’re cute, fluffy, adorable, and such gentle creatures? But if you have a pet cat, you know that it doesn’t always see you as its owner, and it just does what it wants.

But in the game Beat Cat, you can make the cats play the musical instruments and create an impressive performance! Enjoy a game where you can follow the music and produce unique sounds.

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If you love playing music and cats, then this game combines all of these things in one! Here, you’ll need to play a musical instrument as a cat by following the beat. You can play all sorts of instruments like the drum, piano, violin, guitar, bass, tambourine, bell, and many more.

You’ll be able to face many levels that have unique songs that you can play. Enjoy smashing hit songs today and other music types such as classical, country, EDM, and more!

Play Music in Beat Cat

If you love music games, there are many enjoyable games in this genre today that you can play. These games all share the same genre and concept that allows you to follow the beat to complete levels.

That is the only way you can play music songs on smartphones today, but that is enough to enjoy them. But in Beat Cat, you’ll be able to enjoy something new by playing with cats! Here, the cats can play musical instruments for you.

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Here, you’ll need to follow the rhythm of the music to play the instrument. It’s similar to other music games, but this one is so much more fun! You can play so many musical instruments like the guitar, piano, tambourine, drums, cars, whistle, bell, and many more.

Aside from that, you can also enjoy different cats that you can play with. There are so many cute cats to play with and various instruments!

Complete many levels now and enjoy different types of music such as country, pop, EDM, and more.

Features of Beat Cat

There are many music games today, but Beat Cat is a different one. Here are its most exciting features:

Enjoy a music-based game – There are so many enjoyable cat and music games today. But what if you combine the two? The result is a game that will blow the minds of many players today! You can enjoy so many things in these types of games, but the one game that stands out is Beat Cat.

This is a music-based game that doesn’t take itself so seriously. You can even laugh while playing this game because it’s so silly.

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Imagine a cat playing a musical instrument in a way that’s befitting of cats. Here, you can emit drum sounds by turning mice into cookies! But you need to time it to the right rhythm so you can follow the song. This game then lets you perform with some backup cats dancing in the background.

Enjoy many types of instruments that you can play and popular songs all over the world today! This is your chance to enjoy a fun cat game today.

30+ Music Instruments – Many musical instruments in the world are being used today. But in Beat Cat, you can use different devices such as tambourines, DJ boards, guitars, piano, whistle, bells, and many more. Enjoy these unique instruments now and create the best music possible.

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Here, you’ll need to follow to the beat and produce a performance that’s worthy of a standing ovation. There are so many musical instruments that you can unlock here!

Play various levels – In each level, you’ll face different songs that you can play. You must overcome the levels by playing to the right beat and tuning in to the music. You can then enjoy a performance by the cats and have fun with them.

This is a game that doesn’t take anything too seriously. You just need to have fun, and you can complete many levels!


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Unique and popular songs – Do you love the song DU DU DU by BLACKPINK? How about Mia Love, Mood, Solo, and many more? In this game, you can enjoy the most popular songs today that you can tune in to.

Each song presents a unique challenge that allows you to test your skills. There are all sorts of songs like classical, Pop, EDM, rap and many more/

Unlock many cats and enjoy performances – You can also unlock all sorts of cats with unique colors and looks! There are a lot of performances that you can enjoy in this game.

Download Beat Cat APK – Latest version

Download Beat Cat now and enjoy the most beautiful cat performances! Unlock everything now and have fun.

Download Beat Cat [77.50 Mb]


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