Battle Prime Mod APK 8.2 (Unlimited everything )

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Are you sick of battle royales? In Battle Prime, you’ll enjoy this game today where it combines FPS and battle royale mechanics. Choose your hero and enjoy today!

Battle Prime Mod APK 8.2 (Unlimited everything )
Name Battle Prime
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 8.2
Size 91 MB
MOD Unlimited everything
Category Action
Developer BlitzTeam LLC
Price Free
MOD Features +

There are many battle royale games that have been published over the past years. Today, we enjoy a multitude of them thanks to the demand of many players worldwide. But if you’re getting sick by all these battle royale games, get Battle Prime today and enjoy a different gameplay. This game is unique in the sense that it introduces the camera display of battle royale in an FPS game. Here, you’ll enjoy the same mechanics as most games today.

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Although there are different shooting games available today, you’ll enjoy this one thoroughly. The graphics alone is worth of your time because it looks realistic and fluid. This game lets you enjoy many game modes today such as Team Deathmatch, Sniper Arena, Duel, Control, Harvest, Gunplay, Skirmish, TDM Rounds, Mini-Domination and more. There are also a variety of maps today in this game from the desert to the city and even the jungle! Enjoy the most hyped-up shooting game today with your friends!

Incredible Shooting Game

It’s hard to get excited over new shooting games right now since there have been so many. But if you look hard enough, you’ll find some games that are beginning to break the limits that mobile gaming has set. Nowadays, you can find incredible games that look like they belong in computers or consoles! One of these games is called Battle Prime and it’s one of the hottest ones today! At first glance, it may look like a battle royale but it’s actually just a regular shooting game.

battle prime mod apk unlimited everything

The most unique aspect of this game is the third-person point of view that we’ve been accustomed to in battle royale games. With this, you should have a wider scope of vision. But everything else is just like a regular shooting game including the gameplay and characters. Here, you can have many character classes to choose from such as Shock, Scout, Vityaz, Quarterback, Blast, Poison, Isotope, Thunder and many more.

You’ll also be able to enjoy many game modes in the game today including Control, Duel, Sniper Arena, Team Deathmatch, Domination, TDM Rounds, Gunplay 3v3, 3v3 Gun-Fu and many more.

Battle Prime Features

There are many shooting games available to play today. But Battle Prime is a different beast altogether!

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Insane shooting game – The shooting genre is littered with various games that you can play today. The most popular ones include PUBG, ROS, Free Fire, Fortnite, Call of Duty and many more. As you can see, most of the popular shooting games today are battle royale ones. So, if you’re looking for something more unique, try Battle Prime and you won’t be disappointed! This game is like a mixture of battle royale and FPS. In short, it has some unique features that you shouldn’t miss.

The most defining feature is probably the graphics which looks like a game that you can play on console! Here, you can enjoy vivid graphics and incredible designs from locations down to the characters. There’s also the camera view which is in third-person similar to how it is in battle royale games. Then, you can also enjoy various character classes which comes with unique weapons and skills. These includes Shock, Thunder, Blast, Isotope, Scout, Vityaz, Poison, Quarterback and many more!

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Console-Like Graphics – When you first look at this game, it doesn’t seem like it’s a mobile game. That’s because the graphics alone is realistic and fluid. It features console-like designs that will definitely wow you. This alone should be a huge plus points to you as a player because this game beats other shooting games in the graphics department. When you play this game, it feels like you’re playing on a console or a computer!

Energetic graphics and controls – Another thing that separates Battle Prime from others are the colorful designs of the maps and the characters. There are plenty of available maps that you can play in this game today. These includes the desert, cities, and many more. Then, if you love battle royale, then you’ll love the 3rd person point of view here. This means you’ll have a wider view today and you can enjoy realistic controls as well.

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Various character classes – One of the best things about this game are the Primes. These are essentially character classes that you can choose from in the game. Each one is different in terms of the look, weapons and skills that you can get. The Primes you can choose from here includes Vityaz, Blast, Thunder, Quarterback, Scout, Shock, Isotope, and Poison.

Trophy Road and Battle Pass – There are also many trophies and rewards you can get while playing the game. Then there are also Battle Passes that you can buy which allows you to unlock many skins and weapons.

Battle Prime Mod APK – Latest version

Get the most exciting shooter game today with Battle Prime! Download it now and enjoy!

Download Battle Prime [91 MB]
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