BallRun2048 APK 0.7.1

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Math and racing seem to be two unrelated things. But in BallRun2048, you can enjoy something amazing today! Enjoy getting your ball big with numbers now.

BallRun2048 APK 0.7.1
Name BallRun2048
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.7.1
Size 39.63 Mb
Category Casual
Developer KAYAC Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.kayac.ball_run

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Racing games are one of the top games you can enjoy and play right now. These are games that are always at the top since they’re enjoyable regardless of age. But once in a while, it gets boring to the point that we try to play other genres as well. But if you’re not willing to give this up yet, try BallRun2048 today and enjoy a unique racing game. You will go through race tracks here as a ball and you need to grow by bumping with the same numbered-balls.

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This is a highly unique game that was heavily inspired by the math game called 2048 which is still popular today. In this game though, you’ll just need to race down a variety of tracks filled with various obstacles. The bigger you can get your ball to, the higher the prize you’ll get at the end! This is a challenging game that tests your alertness and quick reactions today. Who says you can’t combine numbers with racing?

Numbers and Tracks

In our world today, we learn about numbers quite early in our lives. We start to learn them even when we’ve just started school as they’re important later on. Today, we use numbers in a lot of transactions whether in business or personal work today. Racing games are also popular as many people enjoy cars and competing with others online. In BallRun2048, you can enjoy a hybrid of the two as you can enjoy a unique game today.

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In this game, you can enjoy a game where you’ll race down the tracks that are filled with obstacles such as spikes, balls and various other objects. The only thing that you’ll need to do here is to bump into the balls with the same number as what you currently have to make it bigger. This is so you can survive and you can score more rewards at the end! If you bump into another number, you won’t be able to absorb them. This is a game that tests your reflexes and your reaction speed.

Enjoy various levels today and prove that you’re a master of numbers and racing!

BallRun2048 Features

Racing is such a fun activity for everyone. With BallRun2048, you can enjoy a different aspect to it today.

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A Simply Fun Game – It’s not a surprise that racing games do well these days even if there are plenty of them today. They are just that enjoyable as people can forget their problems while playing. But if you don’t want to play a racing game that’s been done before, try BallRun2048 now. This is a unique one where you can go through numerous tracks filled with spikes and incredible obstacles. The only objective is to get bigger by bumping into the same numbers.

Here, you’ll need to survive because there are a lot of obstacles on the way. To cross the finish line, you’ll need to get the balls with the same numbers as you currently have. This is a game that tests your reaction and reflexes! Enjoy a fun game today and try to complete all the levels.

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Many Levels – There are many levels to try and play in this game today. Each one of them presents unique obstacles and dangers. You must complete each of them to cross the finish line and get your rewards. Your rewards will be dependent on the amount you get at the end. The higher it is, the more rewards you can get! It’s as simple as that.

A Unique Aspect – If you’re craving for a unique racing game, then this is the game to play. BallRun2048 combines numbers in such a refreshing way that you will get addicted to it for a long time. Enjoy countless levels and difficulties in the game today.  

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Various Obstacles – There aren’t many obstacles in this game. You only need to watch out for the spikes, rails, and other balls to distract you. If you’re not careful, you can get obliterated here!

Great Graphics – Enjoy a unique game in full 3D and with simple controls today.

Download BallRun2048 APK – Latest version

There’s no need to look hard for a new game. BallRun2048 is a fun and unique racing game that features numbers!

Download BallRun2048 [39.63 Mb]


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