Airport Security APK 1.6.4

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If you're eager to work as an airport immigration officer, download Airport Security APK. Enjoy so many levels and things to check in here now.

Airport Security APK 1.6.4
Name Airport Security
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.6.4
Size 179.14 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Kwalee Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link com.sunsetgames.bordersecurity

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Download Airport Security APK – Check Passengers

Many people in the world love playing mobile games. Thanks to these games, we can have fun with so many things right now that we usually can't do.

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We're free to have fun with many games today that will let us do many things, such as Airport Security. In this game, you will be airport personnel who will check the passengers.

You can enjoy so many games available on your phone to play. If you love playing casual games, you can enjoy this one from Kwalee. This game will make you into an airport worker who will check all the passengers who board the plane.

Your job will entail checking their passports, bags, interrogations, etc. There are many cool things that you can unlock here, such as new outfits. There are many levels to play in this game, as you can even upgrade the airport design.

Check The Passengers

There are so many fun games for you to play and enjoy today anytime you want on your phone, as there are a lot of genres available. The most exciting ones are available for you to download for free anytime you want.

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There are incredible games from RPG to fighting to race and more. But if you love casual games, you're in for a treat with Airport Security! This game will let you become airport personnel.

You can have fun with so many games that you can play, but this one is different. In this fun game, you'll work as airport personnel to make sure that the airplane is safe.

Here, you'll work on many tasks, from checking passports to checking bags and even interrogation if needed. There is a lot of cool stuff you can see here as you'll get a lot of action.

Plus, you'll be able to upgrade your terminal as you complete more levels. Add more plants, change the tables, and add a lot of fun stuff!

Features of Airport Security

You can enjoy quite many games available right now, such as Airport Security. This is a game that lets you oversee your airport.

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Fun casual game – There have been tons of mobile games that have been published in the casual genre. If you're someone who loves playing unique games, then there are a lot of them to enjoy.

You can download all the best games available today that you can find in every genre. But if you're more into casual games, you'll need to play Airport Security now. This is a fun game that lets you enjoy your time.

There are fun games to play, but this one is slightly different as it lets you become an airport security personnel. Your job ranges from passport checking to luggage checking and even interrogation.

There are many things that you'll learn to do in this job. Plus, you'll get rewards for every day that you survive so you can upgrade your terminal. You can upgrade many things from the seats to the tables to even adding plants.

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Check passports – You're free to play all sorts of casual games available right now in your free time. But if you're searching for something good, you can download Airport Security and enjoy. One of the essential jobs in the airport is checking the passengers' passport and their information.

It's your job to ask for their details and check them in their passport. If they lie about their name, age, address, or other details, you can arrest them. If they're not lying, then you can approve them.

Check bags and people – Aside from checking passports, it's also your job to check the passengers to see if they're not carrying anything illegal in their bodies. There will be airport scanners available, but you'll also need to pat them down in case something comes up manually.

You'll be able to find a lot of contrabands in this game, so you need to do your best for the sake of the airport! You must know what the illegal things people can't bring on the airplane are.

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Many levels – This game has many levels for you to play and enjoy. At each level, you'll face many different challenges with different rewards as well. You'll be rewarded with cash and even new outfits as you go through different levels. There are so many challenges that you'll face in this game.

But you must always become vigilant as many suspicious people are trying to get to the airplane!

Download Airport Security APK – Latest version

If you love playing security, then you can download Airport Security now. Pat down people, interrogate them, and check their passports now.

Download Airport Security [179.14 Mb]


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