123series APK v4.1.4

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Download 123Series APK latest version and watch recent movies and TV shows. The app has a well-categorized home page to ensure that you get your ideal movie fast.

123series APK v4.1.4
Name 123series
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version v4.1.4
Size 11 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer 123series Inc
Price Free

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In-Depth Insights of 123series

123series is a free movie streaming app designed to offer complete satisfaction to movie lovers. It has different segments of content to ensure that it meets the needs of everyone! Whether you are a fan of Japanese Movies or Hollywood blockbusters, this app will serve you right.

It is well organized into categories, ensuring that you get the best user experience. You can even search for your favorite movie using its advanced search system!

123series apk download

Download 123series for Android and have optimum streaming fun! It is only 12 MBs and will not slow down your device in any way. Its graphics are also optimized to ensure a lag/buffering-free movie streaming.

How to Use 123series APK

This application is designed to allow you to watch any movie that you wish. You do not need to look elsewhere for your favorite TV shows, as it comes with all the best and latest content.

The app contains a powerful search engine to allow you to browse through its wide range of movies and TV shows. To watch your favorite movie, just enter the title or actor/actress's name. The search engine will give you perfect results instantly!

Unique Features of 123Series APK

  • Simple User Interface. This application has a straightforward interface that allows you to find your desired content in a few seconds. The app is also equipped with an updated search option, which narrows down your options quickly and easily.
  • A Wide Variety of Content. This application features an impressive collection of movies and TV shows from all genres. Users can enjoy Bollywood titles as well as Hollywood productions. There are also plenty of Animations to choose from. As such, you will never find yourself bored when using this app.
    123series apk latest version
    All movies and TV shows are available in HD Quality. As such, you can enjoy all your favorite content with excellent visuals and clear sound quality. You can stream content in 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions.
  • Simple Controls. This app features easy-to-use controls. All you need to do is swipe left and right to skip to the next or previous title, respectively. You can also tap on the screen to bring up extra options for each movie or TV show.
  • Favorites List. You can save all your favorite titles inside this app. As such, you do not need to spend time searching for specific content whenever you want to watch it again.
  • View and Manage Your History. The 123series app has an in-app history feature. You can use it to check out the movies you have already watched. You can also delete entries that are no longer needed or that you do not want to see again.

Personalized Recommendations Based on Viewing History.

You can use this application to save your favorite titles so you can easily watch them again if you are feeling bored. However, the 123series app has another interesting feature that allows it to recommend content based on your viewing history.

For example, if you just finished watching one title and you do not want to go through a long list of movies/TV shows, pick a recommendation and allow this application to choose something that fits your preferences.

You can also adjust this feature according to other factors such as languages or country of origin, so the app will always give you relevant suggestions based on your requirements.

Top-Notch Movie Classification

This application features a powerful movie classification system. You can find movies of all genres in one place. As a result, you do not have to waste time browsing hundreds of titles on different websites.

123series apk mod

The movies are classified based on their country of origin, genre, and release date. For example, you can sort all animation movies by year of release for quick reference.

You can also search using keywords such as Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Adventure, and more. This way, you can find your desired movie with minimal effort.

Each title also comes with a brief description so you know what to expect from that specific movie or TV show before watching it. You can also view the IMDb rating with one tap.

Easy Search & Navigation

You can use this app's search tool to find the content you like or simply look through the categories. There are four main tabs in this application, including Featured, Popular, New releases, and Genre.

Each tab lists titles accordingly based on their popularity. You can also sort movies by release date if you want to watch something that just got released in theaters. As you can imagine, the number of titles in this app is massive so it comes with a powerful search tool to make your life easier.

You can also watch trailers for each title. Pick a movie and tap the video play button to launch the video player.

Auto-Play function

You can use this feature for continuous playback even if you exit the application. After picking the title you like, hit the play button and leave it running.

download 123series apk for android

This feature will allow you to resume playing your video where you left off the next time you open the application. All titles support this function, making it a convenient way to watch all of your favorite movies and series without interruptions.

123series APK Download

You can download this application from the 123series.net APK download option or any other third-party website.

To achieve this, you should allow downloads from unknown sources. Once you download the APK file, tap it and allow the installation to complete.


123series is a movie-streaming application that comes with an exceptionally helpful recommendation engine. The movies/TV shows are classified according to different factors such as release date, and genre.

Download 123series [11 MB]


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