Xingtu APK v4.8.0

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Do you want to enjoy a high-tech editing app? Download Xingtu now to quickly become a supermodel. Edit your face, add filters, adjust and share your photos!

Xingtu APK v4.8.0
Name Xingtu
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v4.8.0
Size 59.07MB
Category Photography
Developer Beijing Yanxuan Technology
Price Free

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We’ve reached a point today where we can easily edit photos right now. Plenty of editing apps are in existence to help us create the best profile pictures, social media posts, and more. Thanks to these apps, we don’t need to learn Photoshop, which can be too complicated.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality editing app today, try Xingtu and be amazed! This app is different from regular editing apps because it can do so many advanced things!

xingtu apk latest version

When you use this app, it’s like you’re using Photoshop without the need to learn the complicated steps and tools. With this app, you can freely adjust your facial structure from the nose to the lips to your eyes! You can also make your skin smoother, remove blemishes and whiten it.

Aside from those, you can also add color filters from tons of available ones here. Create collages, straighten your legs, make your body thinner, and more. You can freely create a supermodel body with this app today!

Create the Perfect Body with Xingtu

Many photos and videos are being uploaded on various social media daily. We see many images being edited before they’re used today, which is entirely normal in many businesses.

But the problem is that many people would love to edit their photos before they upload them on their social media accounts. Since Photoshop isn’t easy to learn, they turn to edit apps to do the job. Xingtu allows you to edit your face and body easily today!

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You don’t even have to edit in here as the app will do most of the job. You can change and adjust the position and size of your eyes, face, and many more. You can also adjust your nose, lips, eyes, ears, and many more today.

Aside from that, you can apply makeup, remove pimples, smoothen your skin, whiten your skin, and many more. With this app, you can easily enhance your face to look like a supermodel today!

Plus, you can adjust your body whether you want a thinner or a fuller one!

Highlights of Xingtu

If you want to enjoy a fun editing app today, then Xingtu is the perfect one for you. Here are the things you can expect:

download xingtu for android

The Best Editing App – There are so many available editing apps that you can download today. Most editing apps today allow you to create collages, copy, add effects, filters, and more. But if you want something more advanced, you’ll need editing software like Photoshop, which is hard to learn.

But today, you don’t need to learn that complicated software to edit your photos like a boss! You need to download Xingtu, and you’re on your way to creating a supermodel.

This app was designed for beginners who want to take their photos to the next level. This app contains so many advanced tools that you can use for your editing needs right now. Here, you’re free to adjust your face however you like by changing your lips, mouth, eyes, nose, and more.

Plus, you can select the shape of your face, smoothen your skin, remove blemishes and even whiten yourself. With this app on your phone, you can create the best version of yourself!

xingtu apk free download

Adjust your face – We all know how hard it is to edit faces on Photoshop. Unless you already have experience, it would be hard to edit people in this software. But with Xingtu, you need to download the app and let it do its magic today.

Here, you can adjust your face to whatever structure and shape you want as you can access some fantastic tools. You’re free to change your nose, lips, eyes, eyebrows, ears, and your face’ structure here! There’s also a way to smoothen and whiten your face easily here.

Remove blemishes and whiten your skin – If you want to look prettier or more handsome instantly, you can do it here. Enjoy tools that will allow you to remove any white spots, blemishes, pimples, freckles, and more.

Plus, you can whiten your skin or adjust to any skin color that you want today. Feel free to enjoy the many tools that you can access in this app today!

xingtu apk

Add filters – Some unique filters can instantly lighten or darken the mood here.

Feel free to select and adjust filters that will give off a certain vibe from your photo. You can choose from different styles and colors here and freely change them.

Change the shape of your body – You can also adjust your other body parts here! You can make your hips thinner, your legs straighter, and more.

Download Xingtu APK – Latest version

If you want to edit your face and body parts, you can do so easily with Xingtu! Get the most advanced features now.

Download Xingtu [59.07MB]
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