Widget Share APK 2.0.7

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Do you love widgets? Download Widget Share APK today and enjoy a way to share widgets with others. Have fun, as you can make various widgets for free!

Widget Share APK 2.0.7
Name Widget Share
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.0.7
Size 20 MB
Category Social
Developer Galew
Price Free

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Download Widget Share APK - Share Widget

A lot of people today use smartphones for various purposes. We can enjoy these devices for various purposes like entertainment, games, social media, messaging, and many more. There are so many apps available right now that you can use for your smartphones, such as games, social media, and many more.

Right now, you can customize your phone with many different things, from themes to wallpapers and even widgets. But if you want to customize your widgets, you can download WidgetShare right now for free.

widget share apk

This app lets you customize your widgets as you can create different ones for various purposes. With this app, you're able to enjoy sharing a home screen widget with anyone you know so they can share their pictures throughout the day.

This is a fun widget app that lets you share special memories on your home screen with someone you love. This is perfect for couples, family members, and many more. If someone changes the photos in the widget, it changes it and the others.

Customize Widgets

If you're someone who loves apps, then you can use a lot of them for your smartphone right now. There are so many available apps to use right now, ranging in many different categories like games, social media, and many more.

If you're someone who loves customizing your phone, then there are many things you can change right now, like your theme, wallpaper, file names, and many more. You can also use WidgetShare to create customized widgets for your phone and others.

You can put photos in the widget with this app and share them with others. As you know, widgets are shortcuts to apps that you can easily access on your phone's home screen.

widget share apk download

But with WidgetShare, you can freely enjoy customizing your widget to show your pictures throughout the day. Thus, anyone you share the widget with will be able to see the pictures that you've shared on your phone as it updates in real-time.

This is the perfect app to download right now for many people who love customizing their phones!

Features of WidgetShare

If you love customizing your phone, then WidgetShare is the perfect app for you to download right now as it's free.

Customizable app - If you're someone who loves using your phone, then there are many apps that you can download right now. You're free to enjoy so many types of apps right now as there are a lot of them that are available.

widgetshare apk

But if you're someone who loves customizing everything on your phone, then there are many apps that you can download right now. You're free to download WidgetShare as well as it lets you customize your widget.

Thanks to this app, you can have fun as you can freely change how you use your smartphone now thanks to this app. Here, you can create a widget and then share it with others to take an image and give it a name.

You can also add a widget from others into the app and your phone. With his app, you can enjoy a fun new way to share essential photos and moments with others like magic.

widget share apk download
widget share app

Upload your photos – Using WidgetShare is as simple as using any other app. It just lets you take a photo or upload your own from your phone. This app lets you create a lot of unique widgets on your phone where you can freely name them.

You can then upload your photos and change them throughout the day as your friends will get to see special moments from it. This is like an app-sharing platform but in widget form! This is perfect for couples, family members, friends, and others who wish to see you all the time.

Share with others – What makes this app different from your usual widgets is to share it with others. Yes, you can create and share a widget with your friends, family, and other people that you know.

widget share android

You can then change the photo in the widget, and it will also change in the phones of others. This is like a magic app that you can use so you won't ever feel lonely even if you're far from others. Feel free to use this app and enjoy uploading your photos and sharing your widgets with others!

Free – WidgetShare is a free app that you can enjoy downloading today. It's fun and free, and you can use it anytime. Feel free to download it now and enjoy creating various widgets.

Download WidgetShare APK - Latest version

If you love creating and sharing widgets, WidgetShare is for you! Download and enjoy it now.

Download Widget Share [20 MB]


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