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Download WhatsApp Base Latest Version free for Android now. Get enhanced security features on the popular messenger of the same name.

WhatsApp Base APK
Name WhatsApp Base
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 39 MB
Category Communication
Developer WhatsApp Base
Price Free

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WhatsApp is definitely one of, if not the best messenger you can currently have for mobile devices. Although, there are still some minor issues that can slow it down from being perfect. That’s where the WhatsApp Base application comes in.


This upgrade keeps the application up to date on the latest features, while still adding many more to improve on the problems of old. So now, users can fully enjoy their messenger without worrying about the previous drawbacks.

Added Features on WhatsApp Base

As for the exact security features that have been added, we listed them below. You can take your time to look over all of the different characteristics that have improved WhatsApp into this superior version.

  • First, the anti-blocking will prevent your profile and account from being wrongfully blocked or banned. This was an issue that was previously present in the original app.
  • The app base has also been updated to its latest version. So, you’re getting all of the most relevant and improved features stacked onto what’s already offered.
  • In addition, the original benefits prior to WhatsApp Base download are all still present.
  • Dark Mode has also been enabled to personalize your messenger with a darker theme. A lot of mobile users have taken a liking to dark mode for various applications.
  • Additionally, there is the ability to download previous statuses that you like. Save them onto your device for safekeeping.

Many more security feature include:

  • The ability to hide your connection time.
  • Disable the “read” status. No one will be able to see the blue check marks that indicate whenever a message has been read. You can keep your privacy in check.
  • You can hide statuses from other users.

And still more…

WhatsApp Base Latest Version

If you’d like, the WhatsApp Base APK latest version is available to download here. Get all of these amazing features added to your messenger for the ultimate convenience.

Download Now!

Download WhatsApp Base [39 MB]


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