WePhone APK 20102318

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Download WePhone APK unlimited credit – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to be able to call your contacts anywhere in the world for free! You’ll get a number and other features!

WePhone APK 20102318
Name WePhone
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 20102318
Size 30.35 MB
Category Communication
Developer WePhone
Price Free
Google Play Link com.wephoneapp

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In this day and age, technology is influencing our lives in almost all aspects. Most noticeably, we can no longer imagine what it’s like to communicate without phones or telephones of any sort. Back when technology wasn’t well developed yet, people use to send letters which would take weeks to arrive.


But today, you can instantly chat and call someone in real time regardless of their location. But the thing with phone calls is that they’re not cheap! They cost a lot especially the overseas calls. If you don’t have the budget for phone calls, then WePhone is here to help! This incredible app allows anyone to make free or cheap phone calls to a lot of countries worldwide! Aside from that, it offers a lot of other enticing features.

Free Phone Calls

How long ago has it been since your last phone call? Maybe it has been seconds, minutes, days, or weeks ago. But the point is, we are living in a world today where phone calls are a must. Whether you use it for your everyday needs or for business calls, we can’t live without them.


For this reason, we use our phones a lot. But the only problem with this is that they can be expensive. Carrier companies charge users by the minute that they call. And the expense can be doubled for international calls. For this reason, people are always looking for the next best free alternative such as WePhone! This one allows you to instantly call someone from around the world for free or for a cheap fee! Aside from that, you’ll get a lot of interesting features as well.

Features of WePhone

WePhone is a wonderful app that allows anyone to call their contacts anywhere in the world for virtually free! Here are its features:

Call to all the countries – How many times have you called someone in the past weeks or months? For some a few times but for others – countless times! Because of this, the demand for carriers are still apparent in this day and age even with the existence of instant messaging apps. In WePhone, you can call to almost all the countries in the world! This means that you can call whoever you want whether they’re located in India, USA, Canada, Mexico, China and many more!


Free or cheap – The main selling point of this app is the inexpensive costs or free phone calls at times! You don’t even need to have a sim card nowadays with the existence of this app. All your phone calls can be directed in here without paying ridiculous monthly fees or prepaid loads. Also, you can get a second phone number to add to your phone! This is a legit app that has helped millions of people already worldwide.

Caller ID Display – WePhone is also equipped with a caller ID display to complete the look! Now, you won’t feel like you’re using a free app at all with the premium design and functionalities. There are no more limits to how you can communicate with every loved one or your friends abroad.

SMS – Aside from phone calls, you can also send and receive text messages using the app. Since you’ll be given a virtual number, you can text anyone for free! This is a great feature to have since instant messaging apps require internet connection always.


High-quality sound – Even though this app is mostly for free, it still provides you the highest quality voice calls you’ll ever need! You don’t need to settle for other apps when you can have this one!

Bonus credits – Another great feature in here are the bonus credits you can get by watching videos!

WePhone APK for Free - Latest version

WePhone is an incredible phone call app that allows anyone to call their contacts abroad for free! Download the latest version and enjoy.

Download WePhone [30.35 MB]


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