Wanted Fish APK 1.0.5

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Do you love to fish? Download Wanted Fish APK now and caught different types of fish. Enjoy this realistic and fun game today as you go to various oceans today.

Wanted Fish APK 1.0.5
Name Wanted Fish
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 1.0.5
Size 111.29 Mb
Category Casual
Developer MondayOFF
Price Free
Google Play Link com.mondayoff.wantedfish

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Download Wanted Fish APK – Fishing Game

There are a lot of amazing games that you can enjoy playing today on your phone. If you love playing action games, then there are so many of them available.

You’re able to freely download tons of games right now as there are many unique ones today. There are so many to choose from regarding mobile games right now. But if you love to fish, you can install Wanted Fish right now.

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You can enjoy a hyper-casual one from MondayOFF today with this fantastic game. This is a simple game where the only goal is to catch different types of fish as required by the game.

To do this, you’ll be able to aim your hook to any place and catch the fish. There are tons of fish available here in different shapes, sizes, and colors to catch. Once you catch a fish, it will be added to your list that you can browse anytime.

Catch Fish

If you’re someone who loves playing games, you can enjoy so many of them right now. These games provide you with the best experience as you can play them free right now.

Many fantastic games are available, such as action, puzzle, simulation, and many more. But if you’re into casual games that let you enjoy anytime you want, then there are many games to choose from. You can freely download Wanted Fish right now and have fun!

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In this fantastic game, you can catch as many fish as required by the game. Here, you’ll catch different types of fish at once as the game will require you to.

There are tons of fish to sea animals to capture here, such as Blue Marlines, Turtles, Jellyfish, Dolphins, Squid, and many more. You can enjoy this game because you can freely catch as many fish as possible and upgrade your hook, harpoon, and boat!

Once you catch a fish, it will go to your list, where you can easily browse it anytime you want. Have a relaxing time playing today!

Wanted Fish Features

There are a lot of casual games to play right now, but Wanted Fish is one of the most enjoyable ones.

A simple game – There are a lot of fun games today that you can play anytime you want. If you love playing incredible games, you can have fun with so many unique ones right now.

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There are so many incredible games that will challenge you a lot so you can show your skills to the world. If you’re fond of fish games, you can install Wanted Fish right now. This is a fun game that involves you fishing!

If you love fishing, then this game is one that you can get into right now. This game allows you to catch different types of fish, from minor to significant, and in many colors.

You can enjoy tapping your screen to aim for the fish you need to catch. Then, the fish that you catch will go to your list so you can complete it today. Have fun upgrading your equipment such as bait, harpoon, and boat.

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Catch much fish – You don’t have to be stressed about anything in this game as this is a casual game. You need to catch the required fish and have it added to your list.

This game is a simple one where you need to aim by sliding your finger and tapping the screen to let go of the harpoon. There is many fish available that you can catch here, from starfish to goldfish to even sharks! There are so many exciting life forms that you can add to your list in this game.

Upgrade boat, hook and bait – If you’re someone who loves playing with fish, then this is for you. This is a simple game to play. However, you’ll still need to upgrade your equipment constantly to be able to catch bigger fish. Here, you’ll be able to upgrade your line, bait, harpoon, and even your boat.

There are many upgrades to buy here using the money you get from catching fish. You’ll have fun with this casual game because it brings the fun back to fishing. Wherever you are, you can enjoy playing this simple game!

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Unique graphics – Wanted Fish is a fun game that you can enjoy right now where you can enjoy the unique graphics.

This game lets you catch different types of fish using your equipment and boat. Have fun earning money today and adding a lot of fish to your list!

Download Wanted Fish APK – Latest version

Do you love fishing? Install Wanted Fish now to catch as many fish as possible and upgrade your equipment.

Download Wanted Fish [111.29 Mb]


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