VPN Argentina APK 1.0.5

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Download VPN Argentina APK Latest Version free for Android. Get a lightning-fast VPN Proxy service to protect your Android privacy.

VPN Argentina APK 1.0.5
Name VPN Argentina
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.0.5
Size 0 bytes
Category Tools
Developer APPS IST
Price Free
Google Play Link com.argentina.vpn.proxy.vpn

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Stay safe at all times when roaming the internet. Bypass firewalls and limitations online due to your location or any placed restrictions. Do this all for free with the help of the Argentina VPN application. Go incognito with an Argentinean VPN to keep your activity safe at all times.


So, download Argentina VPN for Android devices now!

Why VPN Argentina?

As you may have already guessed, your privacy is one of the most important things to keep secure, when browsing the web. Whenever you visit a local router or WiFi connection, your information is in danger.

There are a ton of valuable assets to using Argentina VPN, as well as other location proxy servers to counter these issues. Continue to read for more info…

  • First, you will be able to completely change your IP address to your VPN server’s own IP. This will ultimately mask your own identity and location form any attempted intrusions.
  • Also, you will freely be able to browse location blocked websites and applications with ease. Nothing can be made unavailable when using a VPN proxy to shield yourself and bypass restrictions.
  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will be totally unaware of your activity. The only thing on record will be that you have used a VPN to shield yourself. Aside from this, there won’t be anything your ISP will be able to identify from your own online actions.
  • Open WiFi networks are the most susceptible to online hackers and attacks. Anyone can easily attempt and successfully break into your device. All activity can be intercepted by these ill-intentioned people and they will have unlimited access to your own device. You can avoid this altogether when using a VPN. You will encrypt all traffic and prevent anyone from being able to read anything from your device.

Some Useful Features

Now that we’ve discussed why you should be using a VPN, let’s go over what Argentina VPN has to offer. There are many different benefits that this particular IP + VPN Service provides to its users.


Free to Use with Unlimited Access:

First would be the free aspect of the application. There is no need for any registrations when choosing this VPN service. In addition, there won’t be any limits to traffic, and you will have compatibility with basically any type of connection.

Unblock All Blocked Content:

Next, you will be able to openly bypass any location restrictions your ISP may have placed on your device. Additionally, any regional restrictions your school, office, or any other establishment may have placed can easily be avoided. Everything can easily be skipped through and you’ll have free unlimited access to any previously limited content.

Guaranteed Privacy Protection:


You are given access to any websites and apps and will be labeled as “anonymous”. This means you can easily download torrents, change your IP address, and protect any of your log in and saved personal information.

VPN Argentia APK Free Download

In addition, the VPN Argentina APK latest version is available for download. With this version, you can save more mobile data and storage than the original VPN service. But that’s not all, you will openly save tie on your initial installation.

Aside from these benefits, the modified APK is basically the same version, just more convenient. With that being said, we recommend anyone choosing to download this version over any other available from the App Store.

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