Voovi APK 5.0.5-prod

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Download Voovi APK and enjoy using this online video streaming platform. Watch different videos on demand and enjoy viewing your favorite tv shows and series.

Voovi APK 5.0.5-prod
Name Voovi
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 5.0.5-prod
Size 27.53 Mb
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Google Play Link com.voovi.video

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A Comprehensive Description of Voovi APK

Different entertainment apps are released daily that users can use to watch movies and shows. Entertainment is one of the crucial things in the world, and people always look for something to keep them excited. One of the most used methods to kill boredom is through watching your favorite blockbusters

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Everyone has their favorite shows that they tune in to and what feels better than watching an exciting movie at your convenience? Voovi APK is the perfect application for people who love watching tv shows and trending series.

The Voovi APK for android application is a media application where you are given the freedom to watch movies and series from an extensive collection of shows.  Those in Asia mostly use it to view Indian shows and movies.

Voovi APK is constantly being updated to find the best version, and new fixes and improvements are always being added. Although it was initially released on the 13th of April, 2022, Voovi Digital Private Limited released it. It is still advised that you download the Voovi APK latest version as you get to enjoy advanced features and a better experience while using the application.

Since there is sex-related content and different use of strong language, there are age restrictions on this application, and children, as well as people who aren’t mature enough, can't use this application without parental guidance.

Using this application, users are given an entirely new experience of watching their favorite movies conveniently. Hence, it is an application people love to use and have on their devices.

If you are looking for a highly rated application that will give you a good sense of watching popular television shows, saving to watch later, and a Library with everything you need and more, then the Voovi APK android application is the ideal choice.

Ease of use is an essential factor in this application. The developers want users to feel comfortable no matter what, so the interface was made easy to understand. The app's graphics are also impressive, as the design of the layout has many beautiful colors and a stunning look that appeals to the eyes of users.

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It is vital to note that this application can easily be accessed as the download is made accessible. To start using this application and gain access to everything the app offers, the Voovi APK free download is available here, and you can install it instantly.

What Can You Do on Voovi APK?

Users can do a lot on this application, but the main objective of using this application is to have s good time watching movies and exciting shows. On Voovi APK, there are a variety of shows and a vast collection of movies to watch. Each with its unique genre, so users will always be kept excited. On this application, you can enjoy watching different shows, from sports to action, drama, musicals, and many more.

This application runs on a system that allows users to pick their favorite content and watch videos according to their personal preferences and taste. You are free to save your favorite shows for later and view them when you have free time. Also, watch videos on other devices like TVs, tablets, and computers. But it is important to note that an internet network is vital to enjoying streaming online without distractions.

Registration is a key factor in this service as it brings a more accurate personalized experience. When you register your personal information and fill in your likes and dislikes, interests, and what excites you the most, a personal library of stuff you might like, and different suggestions are created. You can set it so that you will be notified every time a new show or a new episode comes out. These instant notifications make using this application more convenient.

As previously stated, there is a need for parental guidance as there is some content on this application that have multiple sex scenes and storing language that may be seen as too sensitive for the younger generations. To access these things and more, users are required to pay a subscription fee, but when you make the Voovi APK download, you are given access to this and many more. 

Other features attract users, and one of the most exciting ones is that users can enjoy streaming without annoying advertisements on their screens. People hate it when they’re in the middle of an exciting scene, making this application more attractive than other media platforms.


The graphics on this application are outstanding, as there is a perfect blend of different colors that makes it beautiful to look at. Also, with its easy-to-go-around interface, people never have problems going around the application, and it can be said that it’s effortless to use.

Features to Look Out For on Voovi APK:

This application is rich with different features, some of which are:

  • Vast collection of shows

On this application, users will always be kept excited as there is an extensive library with different movies and trending tv shows. There are also other genres to choose from, so you can have fun watching any show that you want.

  • Search for Content:

There is a search bar that has been inbuilt into the app, and this makes exploring new shows more convenient. Users can quickly search for their favorite shows, filter them and narrow them down to actors, ratings, genres, and even user ratings. This makes finding what you’re looking for easier.

  • Subtitles:

This feature allows people to edit how the subtitles appear while watching shows. You can enjoy changing the style, font size, the color. Enjoy modifying your subtitles to your taste.

  • Push notifications:

Notifications are sent to the user regardless of if they’re currently using the application or not. This is used for different purposes, and users can be told when there are promotions, news on their subscription plans, new episodes of their best shows, and many more.

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  • No annoying ads:

One exciting feature of this application is that it comes with no ads. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows without watching annoying ads before continuing your show.


Voovi APK is an exciting application with many movies and trending series. If you’re a movie lover, this is a perfect application. Have fun exploring new shows

Download Voovi [27.53 Mb]


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