Traffic Tour APK 2.6.4

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Download Traffic Tour APK – latest version – for Android to get one of the best continuous racing games for Android. Amazing graphics and gameplay.

Traffic Tour APK 2.6.4
Name Traffic Tour
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 2.6.4
Size 170.76 Mb
Category Racing
Developer Wolves Interactive
Price Free
Google Play Link com.wolvesinteractive.traffictour

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Unleash the beast. Download Traffic Tour APK to drive cars endlessly around town collecting bonuses as you go. This game has some of the best graphics that we’ve ever seen on an Android racing game, which makes it perfect for the car lover to enjoy.


Want to take a beautiful shiny car out for a spin in traffic? Overtake other cars, drive into oncoming traffic, and detonate nitros to overtake your opponents in multiplayer mode. This is one of the best driving games out there right now, with a massive selection of cars to choose from, no time limits, and no need to fuel up. Endless driving has never been so much fun!

Five game modes

With five different playing modes, Traffic Tour APK will keep you entertained for hours on end. You can test out your driving skills in Free Run, or take it to a more competitive level in multiplayer mode. There is no bigger challenge in a racing game than playing against a real opponent – so, put your skills to the test and see how far you can go. Multiplayer mode also allows you to activate nitros in order to accelerate past your opponent.


You can also put your skills to the test in the Time Trial mode, where you’ll need to complete laps before the clock runs out. On top of that, there’s the Endless mode, where you get to drive around at your leisure. This mode is better suited for those days where you just want to relax instead of compete against other players.

You can also explore the career mode, which offers up challenging missions such as races and time trials and sees you progress through an intricate storyline while putting the pedal to the metal around town.

Tips for playing Traffic Tour APK

If you’re new to the game, then you’ll want to start off in either Endless Mode or Free Run mode, as these are less competitive than the other game modes and allow you to practice your skills before challenging other players. Set yourself challenges and then graduate to the time trials and career mode, or jump straight into multiplayer to see how you fare against the more seasoned players from around the world.


Overtake people for cash bonuses. When you’re driving around town, you’ll probably notice that you get a little bonus when you overtake traffic past 100km per hour. Keep doing this to make more money and have some fun along the way.

Drive into oncoming traffic. Sure, this isn’t exactly the kind of tip that your driving instructor would give you, but if you’re looking to make some more cash bonuses in the game, then driving into oncoming traffic is a daring way to do so. This crazy move puts you at serious risk – and serious risk means serious reward. Try it out – just make sure that you don’t end up squashed into someone else’s bonnet!

Drive at night in Endless mode. Taking your wheels out for a spin after dark will get you even more cash bonuses. Play the game in the evening or night and then share your results with your friends and the game will reward you. In fact, there are a lot of ways to get cash rewards in Traffic Tour, which makes it an even more enjoyable game!


Collect Blueprints. Collecting blueprints is the go-to way to unlock new cars. Some of them will be simple, while others will be rare and very much worth keeping. Try to find and collect as many blueprints as possible in the game to unlock as many new cars as possible.

Experiment with the camera modes. There are three different camera modes in Traffic Tour. You can drive in third-person, which is the most popular camera mode, allowing you to see your car from the rear and enjoy all its shining beauty. You can also put it into first-person mode, where you’re looking out of the windshield. This mode is actually more difficult as there is a lot more distraction and you don’t get as clear a view, but it is also the most realistic and some players will no doubt prefer this mode.

Traffic Tour APK

Want to be able to afford all the coolest cars and modifications without having to spend ages waiting to collect cash bonuses by driving into oncoming traffic? Sounds like a good idea, right? Download the unlimited money, Unlock All Cars APK  for Traffic Tour now to get the most out of your gameplay. Enjoy!

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Download Traffic Tour [170.76 Mb]


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