Timestamp Camera Pro Mod APK 1.230 (Paid)

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If you love taking videos, then you must want a way to add timestamps to them easily. With Timestamp Camera Pro you can customize timestamps easily now!

Timestamp Camera Pro Mod APK 1.230 (Paid)
Name Timestamp Camera Pro
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 1.230
Size 3.6M
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Bian Di
Price $4.99
Google Play Link com.jeyluta.timestampcamera

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Technology has made it extremely easy to record videos and take photos. We are living in a world where we can immortalize any moment at any given time. The existence of smartphones has given us a way to easily snap videos as we like. But most smartphones don’t come with built-in timestamps. If you want this feature, you need to download Timestamp Camera Pro as it features this and more.

timestamp camera pro apk mod

This app from Bian Di has everything you’ll ever need when it comes to details on your videos. It features an accurate watermark time down to the last millisecond. It can also be further customized by changing the display map, font, font color and size and position. You can also adjust the opacity and background and allow it to show altitude and speed on camera.

Add Details to Videos

We’ve come to love taking videos on our smartphones given that they’re incredible easy to do. We take videos of our birthdays, meeting with people and even ordinary days. But what if you wanted to add timestamps to your videos without doing it in post-production? The solution is to download Timestamp Camera Pro and let the app help you. This app allows you to add timestamps to videos easily!

timestamp camera pro apk latest version

You can put the location, description, time and date to the video you shoot easily. Aside from that, it’s also capable of being customized further to adjust to your needs and preferences. You can freely change the font, font color, size, position, background and opacity. You’re also able to add additional features such as GPS, location, altitude and speed! With this app, you can achieve any effect that you’re going for.

What’s more is that it’s also capable of supporting custom text and emojis. Change the map transparency, scale and position as well as add your logo in the camera. All of this can be done thanks to this app and it even has a battery saver mode for convenience.

Timestamp Camera Pro Features

Want to add timestamps to your videos easily? Download Timestamp Camera Pro and get these amazing features today:

Add Timestamps – Even though our smartphones are capable of so many things, it doesn’t have a built-in timestamp like what you see on DSLRs. This is important for a lot of people who want to have details on their videos embedded. Because of this, the only solution would be to edit them once the recording has been finished. However, that all changes when you have Timestamp Camera Pro! This is one of the best apps that allows you to add timestamps.

timestamp camera pro apk free download

61 Timestamps format – This app features 61 different timestamp formats for you to choose from. These formats are already pre-made so it can be easily adjusted depending on your videos and needs. The app is so accurate that it can even show millisecond time.

Change font, position and color – Moreover, you’re given the freedom to change the font, font color and size. Then, you can also adjust the position from 7 different ones. This can be on the top, bottom and more. This app lets you fully customize your videos to fit your needs perfectly!

Add GPS, altitude, and speed – Aside from those, Timestamp Camera Pro also allows you to add GPS, altitude and speed. The app has pinpoint accuracy when it comes to these things and it allows you to easily see the details on the video. You can further adjust the map to change the scale, size, position and transparency.

Custom text and emojis – If you want, you can also add custom text to your videos which can be a brief description or your channel name. You can also add an emoji to better show the mood that you want to convey. This app allows you to add as many texts and emojis as you want without doing it in editing!

download timestamp camera pro for android

Custom logo and effects – Timestamp Camera Pro also allow you to add your logo and a bunch of other effects. Here, you can shoot without audio or with audio depending on your need. All of the effects you add here are real-time!

Battery saver mode – This app also has a Battery Saver Mode which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to save your battery. This can become handy when shooting for long periods of time and you don’t want your phone to die on you.

Other features – Lastly, the app supports changing resolutions, portrait and landscape modes, toggle camera and many more features.

Timestamp Camera Pro MOD APK – Paid

You don’t have to add timestamps to your videos when editing! Get Timestamp Camera Pro and put them in the videos as you shoot!

Download Timestamp Camera Pro [3.6M]


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