Strava Premium APK 309.9

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If you want to improve your performance on various sports, download Strava Premium APK now. With this app, you can map your routes, times, and more.

Strava Premium APK 309.9
Name Strava Premium
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 309.9
Size 74.19 Mb
Category Health & Fitness
Developer Strava Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.strava

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A lot of people today love playing and watching sports. There are so many sports present today, and you’re free to practice them whenever you want. So, if you’re someone who loves to do various types of sports today, you can improve more with the help of some apps.

Many apps present now can help you improve, but Strava Premium is one of the best. This app lets you record routes, track distance, and provide challenges.

strava premium

You can enjoy plenty of apps today that can help you with your fitness journey. But Strava Premium allows you to enjoy the world’s largest app for fitness and sports today. Here, you can enjoy tracking your running, recording your routes, and analyzing the data.

You can freely see your records in running, swimming, and even biking with this app. Feel free to enjoy the distance tracker so you can see your performance over time.

Track Your Fitness Goals

There are many sports today that you can play and enjoy. You can have fun with so many sports today since many of them can be played like basketball, football, swimming, soccer, tennis, running and many more. Regardless of what sports you play, you’ll still need to practice a lot to get better.

So, if you want to improve in the sport you love quickly, you don’t need to buy expensive equipment. You can easily download Strava Premium and track your performance with any Android device today.

strava app premium

With this app from Strava Inc, you can easily track all your runs, rides, and workouts today. With the GPS enabled, this app will work anywhere so you can easily track your records with running and cycling as well as swimming.

Here, you can easily see your pace, speed, and data to analyze them over some time. You can record your cycle route, map your favorite routes and see the times you take to complete specific routes!

The app also allows you to get customizable training plans and use it to see the calories burned when you’re working!

Features of Strava Premium

If you want to improve your fitness and sports experience, download Strava Premium now and track everything!

strava premium apk

Track everything – In the world today, we see a lot of people engaging in sports. Fitness-conscious people, sports fans, and professional athletes enjoy playing with the sports they love today.

There are so many sports to enjoy now, and a lot of them are being played worldwide. With Strava Premium, you can easily track your progress today! You can use the app when comparing your performances from previous runs to the present.

The app allows you to track your runs and workouts when you’re out and about today. You can easily find new places to explore and practice in today with the app today. You can then see your training progress over time and even know many training challenges right here.

This app will make you a better and more efficient athlete today. Feel free to enjoy the tracker and training features right here. You can also use the app for other sports today other than cycling, swimming, and running.

strava paid version

Record routes and times – With Strava Premium, you can easily record your routes and times with this app. Whether you’re running, cycling or swimming, you can record everything with the app. It works by using the built-in GPS on your phone today.

The app will then record your routes and will let you see all of your recorded routes today. You’ll then be able to know if you have poor performance or a great one today. The app will then let you analyze your performances quickly.

Map your routes – With this app, you can easily map your routes. This will let you analyze and track your progress. You can then calculate the distance that you’ve gone through as well as the time it took you to complete your run.

strava premium features

Training challenges – Aside from recording everything, the app also lets you enjoy training challenges so you can compete with others!

Supports many sports – This app also supports many other sports like Indoor Cycling, Swimming, Alpine Ski, Kayak, Rock Climbing, Surfing, Yoga, Hiking, Crossfit, and many more.

Download Strava Premium APK – Latest version

Track your progress and performance today when doing sports with Strava Premium.

Download Strava Premium [74.19 Mb]


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