HealthifyMe APK v24.8

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Download HealthifyMe APK latest version and get expert-approved meal plans to live healthily. It offers unique tips on every step of your health & fitness journey.

HealthifyMe APK v24.8
Name HealthifyMe
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v24.8
Size 90.98 Mb
Category Health & Fitness
Developer HealthifyMe (Calorie Counter, Weight Loss Coach)
Price Free
Google Play Link com.healthifyme.basic

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Everything You Need to Know about HealthifyMe APK 2022

HealthifyMe is a health & fitness app with an intuitive user interface. It is ideal for everyone with the quest to live a healthy life. You will get curated information about meals, calorie intake, hand washing, and sleep monitoring, among other health tips.

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The app integrates experts to offer experts’ opinions on various health matters. All the tips you will get have been tested and proven by professionals. As such, you can be sure that all the tips are for a better you.

Additionally, this application is lightweight and does not affect the overall functionality of your phone. It is only 56M and works optimally with all Android 5.0 and above devices.

How HealthifyMe App Works

HealthifyMe is convenient to use. You will find all the health info you need on one app, including food & exercise. All the tips are functional and can be used immediately without any fuss.

The app considers your lifestyle and recommends specific steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are a workout addict, a healthy living enthusiast, or a newbie in the health & fitness arena, this app will meet all your needs.

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Even better, the app is free of charge & has an easy-to-use interface. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want with your busy lifestyle!

Top Features of HealthifyMe APK

  • Tailor-Made Meal Plan. This application offers you custom meal plans to help you meet your health goals. You can choose from a variety of food plans ranging from vegetarian, vegan, diabetic diet plans, weight loss, and more.
  • Calorie Calculator. Your calorie intake is an essential part of any healthy living journey. HealthifyMe helps you to find out what your calorie intake should be and how many calories you should burn to maintain your ideal weight. The calculator also takes into consideration how active you are. You can tailor-make plans according to your activity levels.
  • Weight Loss Goals & Tracker. HealthifyMe is the best tool for dieting and shedding weight. It offers a comprehensive weight loss plan that incorporates diet and workout tips. You will also monitor your BMI frequently. This way, you will have everything at your fingertips for an effective weight loss journey.
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  • Water Consumption Tracker. You might not pay too much attention to the amount of water you drink daily. Keep track of your water intake with HealthifyMe water consumption tracker feature. This way, you can stay hydrated and energetic throughout the day.
  • Hand Washing Tracker. HealthifyMe also takes care of your hand-washing habits. The application offers tips on how you can keep your hands clean, in addition to the tracker for the number of times you wash your hands daily.
  • Precise Macro-Nutrient Mapping. Keeping track of your daily macros is essential if you want to maintain a fit figure. With HealthifyMe unique feature, you will be able to build your macro-nutrient map regularly. You can then compare it with the dietary guidelines for specific food types.
  • Free Health Advice and Recipes. HealthifyMe is not only about tracking your health. The application offers you tips on general healthy living, including hand-washing, sleeping habits, and food intake. You can also engage with other users for more helpful advice on your journey!

Connect with Professionals!

The best thing about the application is that you can connect with real professionals. You will get to know more about your health and engage with other people on the platform.

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Connect with nutritionists, fitness trainers, and doctors for relevant advice to enhance your journey towards a healthy lifestyle! They will help you to develop a diet chart, yoga/gym routine map, and fat loss strategies. One-on-one coaching is available using in-app purchases.

Offers In-App Purchases

This application offers in-app purchases to help you enhance your health journey. You can choose from three types of personal training packages or book sessions with nutritionists, weight-loss coaches, and doctors.

HealthifyMe is fast, accurate, easy to use, and interactive! It has got all the features you need for a healthy living app. Download it today & start living a fitter, healthier life!

HealthifyMe APK

If you want to unlock more benefits of the app without spending a fortune, you should get the HealthifyMe APK free download. This modified version offers the following outstanding features:

  • One-on-One Coaching Unlocked. HealthifyMe Pro APK enables you to unlock the one-on-one coaching feature. This way, you will get advice from experts on your journey towards a fitter life.
  • Premium Meal Plans Unlocked. HealthifyMe Calorie Counter APK enables you to get premium meal plan ideas that are tailored according to your preferences and health goals. You can now choose from vegan food plans, vegetarian food plans, low-carb food plans, paleo diet plans, and ketogenic diet plans.
  • Weight Loss Tracking Unlocked. You can easily track your weight loss or gain progress on this HealthifyMe APK download. Moreover, you will also get tips and ideas for a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!
  • No Ads. HealthifyMe Premium APK Free download offers you an ad-free experience so that you can enjoy your journey without any interruptions.
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Overall, you will get a more personalized experience when using HealthifyMe APK 2022. You can expect more accurate results, personalized meal plans, and an overall enhanced user experience.


HealthifyMe is the perfect application for users who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With its user-friendly interface, you can take care of all your health and nutrition needs from one convenient location.

Regular tracking will help you monitor your progress and give you better insights into areas that need improvement. You can now engage with professionals and other users to get more helpful advice.

This amazing application is not only easy to use but also very affordable. You can unlock some premium features using the HealthifyMe in-app purchases packages. Alternatively, you can download the APK of the app and get free access to most of the premium features.

Download HealthifyMe [90.98 Mb]
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