Stickman vs Craftsman APK 4.1.3

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Are you a big fan of stickman war games and craft? If yes, you should download Stickman Vs Craftsman APK latest version and build your way to heroism.

Stickman vs Craftsman APK 4.1.3
Name Stickman vs Craftsman
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 4.1.3
Size 135.99 Mb
Category Casual
Developer XGame Global
Price Free
Google Play Link com.stickman.animation.craftman

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What You Should Know about Stickman Vs Craftsman APK

Stickman vs. Craftsman app is a casual game offered by XGame Global. It combines the concepts of stickman war games and craft. You must unleash your creativity to create various items from scratch and engage in wars.

You will start as a stickman hero obliged to explore various maps such as Minecraft and Skyblock. As such, you will get an extraordinary gaming experience that’ll leave you yearning for more game time.

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Additionally, the app is lightweight, making it compatible with most Android devices. It is 68M and works optimally with Android 6.0 and above devices.

An Immersive Gameplay

This game combines stickman war games and crafts to give you a unique gaming experience. As such, it takes advantage of your creativity and imagination to bring out the best crafting results.

You will build items like pickaxes, swords, and wood. You can also hire stickman heroes to fight for you during battles with enemies. This way, you will get access to both stickman war games and craft all in one game.

Multiple Maps with Amazing Features.

You can enjoy multiple maps, including Minecraft and Skyblock. Each map has features that’ll keep you hooked to your device for hours without boredom.

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On the Minecraft map, you will gather wood, stone, and more materials to build a blockhouse. You can also build a boat or a tower on this map. Meanwhile, Skyblock will require you to craft ropes, wood, or armor.

Additionally, you can hire a stickman hero that’ll fight for you during battles. It is a unique way of getting the best of both worlds by combining stickman war games and craft.

Simple Gameplay with Easy Controls

Stickman vs Craftsman APK has simple controls that make gameplay easy. You can enjoy the gameplay by a simple tap of a button. This way, you get to choose from a collection of items and build different structures that’ll help you advance to the next level.

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Besides, you can customize the controls according to your preference. This way, it will be easy for you to play without getting bored or frustrating yourself.

Immersive Stickman Fight for Warriors

The Stickman fight map pits warriors against stickmen. You can choose from a pool of stickman heroes. Also, you can hire an army from among your allies. Each ally has different skills that’ll help you win battles with enemies.

It is up to you which stickman hero will be part of your army during a battle with enemies. You can also upgrade the skills of your army with special gems.

Superior Graphics and Stickman Animations

The game features stickman animations that add to its aesthetic appeal. This will keep you hooked and entertained for hours on end.

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Additionally, you can craft different items with distinct styles and themes in mind. As such, you get a block place setting in which you must build your structures.

Other Features Stickman vs Craftsman APK

  • Numerous Levels. This game offers numerous breathtaking levels. You start as a stickman hero at level 1 and must build your way to the top.
  • Innovative Crafts from Scratch. In this game, you can craft items from scratch by gathering various resources found on different maps. This is one of the best features that’ll keep you hooked for hours.
  • Easy to Download. Stickman vs Craftsman APK is fast and easy to download. It is available on the Google Play Store. Moreover, this game is compatible with most Android devices, PCs, and Macs.
  • Unlock Skin for Warriors. You can also unlock unique skins for each stickman hero you hire. You can achieve this by playing quests and completing challenges.
  • Great Details and Customization Options. Upgrading skills and hiring new soldiers for your army will allow you to customize and advance with ease. You can also build a blockhouse where you’ll live with other stickman heroes
  • Variety of Items to Craft. You can craft different items like swords, bows, pickaxes, and more. Each item has its stats that’ll affect your survivability during battles with enemies.

Offers In-App Purchases

This game offers in-app purchases. However, you enjoy the gameplay optimally without spending a dime.

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The in-app purchases cost between $3 and $7. You can use the option to unlock heroes and new skins. It also speeds up the process of leveling up your stickman heroes.

It is possible to enjoy Stickman vs Craftsman APK without spending a dime, but it will require more time and effort.

Stickman vs Craftsman APK

If you want to access all features without spending money, you should download Stickman vs Craftsman APK for android. Here are some of its features:

  • Stickman vs Craftsman APK Unlimited Money.This version offers all the resources necessary to unlock heroes, skins, and armor. This is great for players who want to jump ahead of existing gamers in terms of level-ups.
  • Customizable Controls. The Stickman vs Craftsman APK unlimited everything allows you to adjust the control scheme according to your preferences without spending money on in-game purchases.
  • No Ads. This modded version is ad-free. This means you can play without being annoyed by ads that are common in free versions of this game.


Stickman vs Craftsman APK presents stickman heroes in all their glory against stickmen villains. The game features RPG and action elements, making it a unique experience to play. It also has exceptional graphics and animations that’ll keep you hooked for hours.

On the other hand, this game offers in-app purchases. You can use in-app purchases in the game to unlock heroes and skin. It also speeds up the gaming process for guaranteed fun.

Download Stickman vs Craftsman [135.99 Mb]


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