Stickman Red And Blue APK 2.6.2

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Do you love platformer games? Download Stickman Red and Blue and enjoy! This is an addictive adventure puzzle game where you control two characters today.

Stickman Red And Blue APK 2.6.2
Name Stickman Red And Blue
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.6.2
Size 116.48 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Price Free
Google Play Link

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In the world of puzzles and adventure games, you can enjoy so many of them right now. There are so many fun ones that were created long before mobile gaming became a thing. Now that you can play games on your phone, so many games today have become popular.

One of the few games which were adapted from popular PC games is Stickman Red and Blue! This is an adventure puzzle game where you need to control two iconic characters.

stickman red and blue

The game lets you go across multiple levels where each one presents unique challenges. You’ll need to use your wits and imagination to go through many obstacles and levels in this game. But the challenge doesn’t end there since you need to control two characters to complete the level.

You can simultaneously switch between each character while avoiding their weaknesses! Enjoy a fun game where you can interact with many objects and even use it to complete the track!

Complete Adventure Puzzles

There are so many fun and fantastic puzzle and adventure games that can be played right now. These games let you have fun with various levels and enjoyable concepts. The unique ones have thousands of downloads, and they’re still being played today.

stickman red and blue mod apk

One of the more unique ones would be Stickman Red and Blue, a platformer that lets you play two characters in one game. You’ll need to let the two characters cross the finish line to complete the level!

A game published by OneSoft Global is a unique and fun game that will test your creativity. You’ll be able to control two characters simultaneously as you go through challenging levels.

You’ll be able to overcome many mazes and puzzles to complete the levels and move on to the next. You must help the two characters, sometimes even collaborating to overcome hurdles. Enjoy challenging obstacles and tracks that you must complete.

download stickman red and blue for android

You’ll need to avoid any water as the red stickman and fire as the blue stickman in this game. Have fun today!

Features of Stickman Red and Blue

If you love platformer games, you shouldn’t miss Stickman Red and Blue, as this is a fire game!

Enjoyable Platformer – There are so many fun games regarding puzzles that you can have fun with now. If you’re a player who loves to try new things, then there are so many new games that you can enjoy right now. These are games that will let you have fun with so many aspects.

stickman red and blue apk

Today, one of the unique platformer puzzle games is Stickman Red and Blue, and it’s an addictive game! It’s a game where you can play with two characters at once and go through challenging levels.

The goal is to go through the finish line together as you face many challenges along the way. This game was inspired by a popular arcade PC game that two players originally played.

In this game, you’ll switch between the two characters, which adds to the challenge. There will be times where cooperation is needed to move forward and go through many hurdles! Enjoy a fun time now, completing many levels filled with obstacles.

stickman red and blue apk free download

Play as two characters – In this game, you’ll be able to play as two characters instead of just one. This is unique to this game as the game was inspired by a popular PC game that initially intended the game to be played by two players.

Here, the difficulty has been amplified as you can enjoy switching between two characters to finish the level. You’ll be able to push boxes, go through many levels, and enjoy! There are times where cooperation is a must to complete the levels!

Many challenging levels – In this game, you’ll face many grueling levels that you can complete. Each one presents different and enjoyable courses filled with obstacles that you’ll face. You’ll need to avoid blades, spears, and even other dangerous elements in this game.

But the characters themselves also have their weaknesses. For the blue stickman, you’ll need to avoid any fire. Then, the red stickman should avoid touching any water. In here, you’ll be able to interact with many objects and elements!

stickman red and blue apk latest version

Smooth controls and skins – In this game, the controls are soft for a platformer. You can move from side to side quickly with the arrow controls.

You can also jump and easily switch between characters with a tap of a button. Enjoy unlocking cool skins as well from different anime shows and superhero movies!

Download Stickman Red and Blue APK – Latest version

If you love playing platformer games, then Stickman Red and Blue is the ultimate game to play.

Download Stickman Red And Blue [116.48 Mb]


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