Stalker Analyzer APK 1.0

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Do you love using social media apps? Download Stalker Analyzer APK Pro today and enjoy! See your Instagram analytics here so you can analyze your profile.

Stalker Analyzer APK 1.0
Name Stalker Analyzer
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0
Size 27.08 MB
Category Social
Developer Stalker Analyzer Inc
Price Free

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Stalker Analyzer APK – Instagram Analytics

There are a lot of social media platforms today that you can use. You're able to enjoy so many of these platforms today on your phone since they're free for everyone.

Nowadays, people use so many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and many more. If you're someone who uses Instagram, then you'll need Stalker Analyzer right now and enjoy. This app lets you see essential metrics about Instagram.

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You can see how many followers and likes you have on Instagram today. However, the information that you see isn't complete, which is why you'll need Stalker Analyzer today.

This app lets you see many things like your secret admirers, follower count, people who blocked you, average likes/comments, and many more. Here, you can see all of your vital stats in one app, so you don't have to use others. With this, you can analyze your Instagram account to make decisions.

Analyze Your Instagram

If you use social media a lot, you can enjoy so many of them now. There are a lot of social media apps that you can use right now, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. If you're someone who uses these apps for business, work, and school, then you can freely do so today.

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These are apps that you can use whenever you want as they're free and have many features you can use. With Stalker Analyzer, you can analyze your Instagram account!

A lot of people use Instagram for business and personal purposes right now. Whatever purpose you have in mind, you can use Stalker Analyzer today to analyze your Instagram.

What this app does is that it lets you see a bunch of things like who blocked you, who's not following you, total Instagram likes, average comments/likes, reports, secret admirers, and many more. You'll see a lot of stats here that you can't usually see on Instagram!

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This app should be helpful for you whatever purpose you have your Instagram for. With this app, you can see a lot of stats today.

Stalker Analyzer Capabilities

With Stalker Analyzer, you're able to analyze your Instagram stats today for free! Download it and enjoy these features.

Tool for Instagram – With many social media apps today, you can freely do a lot of things. You can chat with people, view posts, share photos/videos and even chat and comment on posts.

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With these apps, you're free to enjoy so many things today that you can do online. But if you're conscious about your growth on Instagram, you can see many metrics on it. But often, you want to see more stats. You can then use Stalker Analyzer today!

With this app, you're free to enjoy so many tools that let you see who blocked you, who followed you, who is your secret admirer and more. You can also enlarge the profile picture of any user so you can see it more clearly.

You can also see your average likes/comments and more with this app. With this app, you can see your secret admirers, people who visited your profile, and more. You'll get a lot of important info right here for free.

Secret admirer – If you're ever curious about the people that are constantly visiting your Instagram profile, then you can use Stalker Analyzer! With this tool, you can enjoy seeing a lot of secret admirers today.

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These are people that are constantly visiting your profile, engaging with your posts, and doing more. You can see this stat for free with this app today. You can't usually see this info on Instagram, but you can freely enjoy it with this app.

Average likes/comments – With Stalker Analyzer, you're also able to see the average likes/comments across all of your posts! With this tool, you can see whether or not you're growing on Instagram or not.

Feel free to enjoy this tool right now so you can see whether you have a lot of likes and engagements on your posts. With these stats, you're able to grow your Instagram account exponentially!

Who looked/blocked you – With this app, you can freely see the users who looked at your profile as well as those who blocked you. Usually, you can't automatically see the people who blocked you.

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You can only do so when you manually search for them and see that you can't see their profile or search for them. But with this app, you can see these stats.

See profile photos – You usually can't zoom in on users' profile photos on Instagram. But with this app, you can freely do so now!

Download Stalker Analyzer APK

If you're curious about your Instagram stats, you can download Stalker Analyzer today and enjoy them all.

Download Stalker Analyzer [27.08 MB]


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