Obimy APK 4.11.1

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If you love getting in touch with people no matter where they are, you can download Obimy APK unlocked everything now. Share a hug, kiss, touch, and many more.

Obimy APK 4.11.1
Name Obimy
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 4.11.1
Size 31.61 Mb
Category Social
Developer obimy inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.empat.wory

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Download Obimy APK – Social Interaction App

Technology has progressed rapidly all over the world today. Many people today use technology in their daily lives as there are many apps to use.

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If you love using your phone a lot, you’ll find many unique apps here and there. If you can’t bear to be away from important people for a day, download Obimy now and enjoy cute minor interactions throughout the day.

Our smartphones have become a necessity for many of us, so much so that we bring them everywhere we go. So, with this app, you won’t ever be alone as you can share a kiss, hug, or touch any essential people in your life.

The way this works is that you can send any interaction with a user that’s registered in the app. The user will instantly see the action with a cute icon and message through the screen. You’ll then be able to lift their mood instantly.

Cute Little Interactions

There are many apps today that you can download and use for free. If you’re someone who loves doing many things throughout the day, many apps are available today.

You can download anything you need and want from various categories such as games, social media, entertainment, education, and many more. There are also many apps that you can only find by searching hard enough and by getting recommendations. One of those apps is Obimy, and it’s a cute one that you should get.

Thanks to technology, we no longer feel that we live in such a big world. Today, we can contact anyone easily using our phones, connecting with people through social media.

But with Obimy, you can send cute minor interactions throughout the day to make the other person feel loved. You can send a virtual hug, touch, and kiss to lift the mood. This is perfect for couples, friends, families, and other people.

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With the power of technology, people would no longer feel alone wherever they are. This is the best app to download in this category today.

Obimy Capabilities

You can enjoy many apps out there, but Obimy is unique. Have fun with this app now.

Exciting app – There are a lot of cool apps out there that you can download and use today. We live in a world where almost everyone has a smartphone that they use daily. We can use various apps for different purposes such as entertainment, games, social media, education, and many more.

If you’re someone who loves using apps a lot, then you can download Obimy right now. This is a free app that you can use to share interactions online with essential people in your life.

While we can connect with anyone using apps, Obimy is different. It features little interactions that we can share with essential people in our lives. We can share a kiss, hug, and touch to remind people that we love and miss them.

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This is the best app to download for couples, friends, families, and others. You can now share your mood with anyone, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Add anyone – In Obimy, you can add just about anyone you want to the app. Once you’ve added your particular person, you can start with simple actions like kissing, hugging, and touching. The app lets you add anyone that has downloaded the same app on their phone.

Thus, you can add your partner, kids, friends, and anyone you want to. This is the perfect app to have when feeling lonely or down. This is the perfect app for people going through a tough time right now.

Share interactions – With this app, you can share various interactions. These include a kiss, hug, and touch. You’ll be able to choose the type of action you want to do, such as warm, playful, and passionate.

This app does its best to notify the person on the receiving end of your action. You can send each other various interactions throughout the day to let them know your mood. This is the perfect app to use anytime you feel down or lonely.

Track heart rate, mood, and several steps – Aside from moods, you can also share your heart rate and the number of steps using this app. This way, you can monitor the other person easily without asking them.

obimy mod apk

This is an app you should have alongside other vital apps on your phone. Now, you won’t have to miss someone so dearly as this app will improve your mood. Send little interactions with anyone today!

Download Obimy APK – Latest version

If you’re a clingy person, then Obimy is perfect for you. You can kiss, hug and touch people virtually!

Download Obimy [31.61 Mb]


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