Social Dummy APK 5.1.8

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Do you love using social media? Create fake social media scenarios with Social Dummy APK so you can prank everyone! This is the perfect app right now.

Social Dummy APK 5.1.8
Name Social Dummy
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version 5.1.8
Size 41.6 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer Ashley Richards
Price Free

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Download Social Dummy APK – Fake Social Media

There are a lot of fun apps that you can download and enjoy right now as many of them are free. If you’re someone who loves using these apps on your phone, then there are many fun ones that you can download.

social dummy android

You’re free to download most apps as there are a lot of them available for many genres from games to education to social media and more. But with Social Dummy, you can enjoy social media even more.

Everyone’s obsessed with the internet right now especially social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more. What this app does is that it can provide you with a way to create a fake alternate universe.

This means that you can create anything you like whether fan fictions, stories and more to fool others. This is the perfect app for today’s world where everyone seems to be on social media. Download this incredible app right now and enjoy a lot of cool features.

Fake Social Media

You can do a lot of things thanks to your phone right now which can download many apps. There are a lot of cool apps you can use right now whenever you want to such as entertainment, social media, music and many more.

There are all sorts of amazing apps to use today that will make your day-to-day life easier. If you’re someone who loves using social media, then you can install Social Dummy right now and enjoy creating various fake social media scenarios.

Right now, there are a lot of people who love to use social media for a lot of things. They love using it for business, personal use and for other things that lets you achieve so many things.

social dummy apk

But with this app, you can create the ideal social media scenario so you can achieve what you want. Whether to create a fan fiction story or a funny prank, this app is for you. You can customize your Instagram feed to look like you’re being followed by celebrities, and you have a million likes.

The possibilities are endless when you have an app like this!

Social Dummy Highlights

If you’re someone who uses social media a lot, then you can download Social Dummy right now and enjoy.

Fun social media app – There are many people who use social media today whether for business or personal use. There are many uses of social media which is why a lot of people have many accounts.

There are websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many more that you can enjoy right now. If you’re someone who’s on social media a lot, then you can download Social Dummy now and have fun as you can create make fake scenarios.

A lot of people relate and find validation with social media which is why this app is perfect. Here, you can create fake stories that captures the mind of your internet-hungry audience. There are a lot of fan fiction stories out there that you can create using this app today.

social dummy app

This app is perfect because you can customize everything from the photos to the usernames and even the number of likes. You can also create fake direct messages to make it seem like you’re talking to a famous person.

Create fake scenarios – There are a lot of things today that you can do thanks to your phone. You can download many social media apps that will allow you to take over the world. But with Social Dummy, you’re free to create as many fake scenarios as you want right now.

This is an app that enables you to have fun as you can create fan fiction stories that revolve around social media. This app enables you to create stories that resonates well with the young generation that’s constantly on social media.

Customize everything – Thanks to Social Dummy, you’re free to customize everything for the sake of your story. The great thing about this app is that you can have fun as you can change the usernames, videos, photos, likes, retweets, comments and many more.

You’re in complete control of everything here as you can create stories in many platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many more. There’s no need to download any other app or to do it manually when you can use this app.

social dummy download

Share with people – The great thing about this app is that you can share it with people that you know. You can prank friends and family into thinking that you’re friends with Obama or any other famous people.

The goal of this app is to create stories that reside within the social media world. Since a lot of people have social media accounts, they’ll find these stories relatable and unique.

Download Social Dummy APK – latest version

If you’re looking to prank friends, then Social Dummy is the best app. Create fake social media scenarios now.

Download Social Dummy [41.6 MB]


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