Scarz APK 2.0.0

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Do you use your phone’s dialer? If so, download Scarz APK now so you can easily handle your calls wherever you are. You can also watch movies and shows here!

Scarz APK 2.0.0
Name Scarz
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.0.0
Size 17.36 MB
Category Communication
Developer Scarz Studio
Price Free

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Our smartphones have made a lot of things easier for us over the past decades. Ever since they were sold at the market, we no longer need many things since smartphones replaced them. When you have a smartphone, it’s like you have a map, calculator, TV, a console, and other stuff on your hands!

But arguably its most crucial function is it allows us to contact other people quickly. With Scarz, you can handle your calls easier!

scarz apk latest version

With this app, you can handle your calls here as it has a built-in dialer. You can then make calls, take calls and enjoy the intelligent contact suggestions. You can also easily block phone numbers so you won’t get distracted during the day at work.

Most importantly, the app supports your contacts, and you can create a shortcut of it on your phone’s screen! With a simple theme, you can easily manage your calls and enjoy life more with this app.

Manage Calls with Scarz

Smartphones are incredible technological products that almost all of us have now. With a smartphone, we can do many things such as search the web, browse social media platforms, stream movies, play games, take photos, edit videos, call our friends, and many more.

Speaking of calling, if you want to have an app that can provide you with a dialer, download Scarz now! This simple dialer allows you to reach others with a free dialer that you can use today. Here, you can make and receive calls!

download scarz for android

If you’re someone who wants to make calls all the time, you can ditch the built-in dialer of your phone. Switch to Scarz now and enjoy a lightweight app that can handle many calls with a built-in dialer. You can set up a call meeting, a group meeting and enjoy the crazy speed and convenience.

This app also has a feature called intelligent contact suggestions which can import your phone’s contacts. Also, you can block specific numbers from reaching you quickly with the app.

With this app, you don’t need to do many things to manage your calls. Let the app handle it all for you.

Features of Scarz

If you want to stay on top of your day, you should download Scarz! Get a free dialer app for your phone now.

An Intuitive Dialer – If you’re someone who loves to do a lot of things every day, then a smartphone is the perfect companion for you. But often, these high-end smartphones can be a little too complicated for us. If this is the case, then you should download Scarz today!

This app allows you to enjoy a free dialer app that can manage all of your calls. Make calls, receive calls and add contacts now with this app!

scarz apk

Managing calls should be easy, and this app does everything for you. Here, you can enjoy making all sorts of calls on all kinds of people. You can also get the Smart Contact Suggestions which allows you to connect with people easily.

Then, there’s also a way to block unwanted calls easily so you can get on with your day. Lastly, you can enjoy browsing the latest movies and shows here!

Make and Receive calls – Most smartphones today have a built-in dialer that you can use to manage calls. But if you don’t like its style or you’re having trouble navigating it, then you might want to use Scarz.

This simple app is a dialer that allows you to make and receive calls quickly. With this app, you can replace your built-in dialer with something more attractive and manageable.

Block contacts – If you’re having a hard time finding the settings in your phone where you can block contacts, you can easily do it in Scarz. Here, you can block contacts, so you don’t receive unwanted calls or texts during your busy hours.

scarz apk free download

This is so you can get on with your day, not worrying about any distracting things! The app makes it so easy for you to do so.

Smart Contact Suggestions – This app also has something called Smart Contact Suggestions, which allows you to import and use all of your phone’s contacts easily. There’s also a call log so you can see your call history just like you would in your phone’s default dialer.

Browse movies and shows – Perhaps something that may come as surprising for you is that Scarz allows you to browse movies and web series! Here, you can enjoy Hollywood and Bollywood creations today.

Download Scarz APK – Latest version

Enjoy a free dialer app for your phone now with Scarz! Download it and get the best dialer experience.

Download Scarz [17.36 MB]


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