Rusted Warfare APK 1.15

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Download Rusted Warfare APK Latest Version Free for Android to experiences strategic and tactical opportunities. Play the to enjoy the premium features

Rusted Warfare APK 1.15
Name Rusted Warfare
Compatible with Android 2.2+
Last version 1.15
Size 24.31 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer Corroding games
Price 0.99
Google Play Link com.corrodinggames.rts

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Rusted Warfare is a completed RTS game that is inspired by strategy games like Command and Conquers and Total Annihilation. Corroding games is the brain behind this amazing game. The game has so many amazing features. However, it is worth mentioning that you can install it anytime from Google Play Store.


There are so many people that play this game in different parts of the world today. What's amazing is that it has so much positive feedback from these people. Another amazing thing is that the game can be installed on any Android device. This also includes older devices with old operating systems. Download the game now to find out what it offers.

Key Features

There are so many featured to enjoy in this game. These features will ensure that you do not stop playing this game. Here are the main features to enjoy from the game:

  • Use the game's full Artificial intelligence to complete survival, challenge, skirmish, and campaign missions. This will show how good your strategy is.
  • There are no microtransactions in this game since it is a pure RTS. What's amazing is that the game has no DRM. Download the game to find out.
  • You can play the game both offline and online. Enjoy the multiplayer modes by using mobile or WiFi networks on your mobile device.
  • There are forty different land, sea, and air units in this game. The aim of this is to ensure that the gameplay is balanced.
  • Rusted Warfare features large endgame battles. This is aided by the nuclear missiles, as well as the experimental units in the game.
  • There are different unique units in this game. This includes combat engineers, laser defenses, flying fortresses, shielded hover tanks, and amphibious jets. What's amazing is that you can enjoy strategic and tactical opportunities with these units.
  • Get the best view by using the strategic zoom. This will help you, especially when you issue commands on the battlefield.
  • You can save and load games in this game. This also includes the multiplayer games that'd ensure quick battle launch.
  • You can create custom levels in this game

There are so many other amazing features for you to enjoy in this game. Download the game now and play against your game. Get the best mobile gaming experience with this game.

Rusted Warfare Apk Free Download

Do you want to enjoy premium features while playing this game? You can do this by playing the apk of the game. The apk also offers unlimited money to ensure a better experience for players. Download the apk for free on your mobile device.


Download the latest version of Rusted Warfare to enjoy an intense battlefield. You can install the game on any Android device.

Download Rusted Warfare [24.31 Mb]


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