Rovercraft APK

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Do you love playing with vehicles? Download RoverCraft APK This hill-climbing game lets you create your best vehicle to drive in challenging terrains today.

Rovercraft APK
Name Rovercraft
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version
Size 116.91 Mb
Category Racing
Developer Mobirate
Price Free
Google Play Link com.mobirate.rovercraft.gplay

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RoverCraft APK: Race Your Space Car

There are many exciting games that you can download right now if you're someone who loves vehicle games. There are many fun games to download that lets you drive different vehicles and race against others or against time.

In particular, the racing genre is enjoyed by many as they're popular worldwide. However, if you're looking for a unique game, you can download RoverCraft for free right now!

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In this game from Mobirate, you're free to create the best car that you can use to navigate challenging terrains on different planets! You'll need a superb vehicle that you can use to face different roads in this game. Here, you'll enjoy three game modes: Planets, Challenges, and Tournaments.

You're free to craft and upgrade your vehicle as you customize the wheels, engines, reactors and add various gadgets. Here, you'll be able to add jet engines, reactors, and many more! Feel free to navigate different roads now.

Craft and Ride

If you're looking for an excellent vehicle game today, you can find plenty that you can play for free. Racing games have always been popular with many people worldwide as they're enjoyable. In these games, you can find the perfect car for you as you race down different terrains and conditions.

There are so many skills that you can unleash if you want to race now against other players. But if you're looking for a somewhat different vehicle game, then you can download RoverCraft.

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In this unique game, you aim to go down challenging roads using your crafted rover. Here, you'll need to customize your ride so you can add as many wheels, jet engines, reactors, and other parts that are needed.

You'll be able to create your own ride that you think fully can handle different challenges ahead. You can play in various modes like Challenges, Planets, and Tournaments in this game. Feel free to play against other players and enjoy!

You can play in various planets here like Mercury, Earth, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Comet, and many more. Feel free to enjoy a fun game for all!

Highlights of RoverCraft

If you're looking for something unique to play, then you're in for a treat with RoverCraft!

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Craft and enjoy – If you love playing different games, you can enjoy racing ones. These are one of the best games to try today as they're fun and exciting for everyone. If you're looking for the perfect racing games to try, then you can download different kinds today.

But many vehicle games will test your skills in driving and customizing. In RoverCraft, you'll be able to create a ride that can handle the harsh terrains of different planets!

In this game, you're free to enjoy a fun game where you can assemble your rover and have fun in different terrains. Here, you can ride your vehicle on different planets such as Earth, Neptune, Uranus, PSO318, Charon, Pandora, Comet, Steamcraft, and many more.

Each planet has its challenges that you need to address when making your vehicle. You can use various wheels and other car parts to create a suitable vehicle for any environment!

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Enjoy many game modes – In RoverCraft, you're able to enjoy so many game modes today that you can play. Here, you can play in three game modes: Tournaments, Challenges, and Planets. Here, you can enjoy the Planets, where you'll need to finish the level as you ride on different planets.

You'll play in many planets here, such as Neptune, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Earth, Charon, Cyber931, Polaris, Comet, and many more. Then, you can enjoy hundreds of challenges that will push you to craft the best rover.

Lastly, there's the Tournament where you can play against all the best players worldwide.

Customize your rover – One of the best things about this game is that you can completely customize your ride. You'll need to think deeply as to what you'll need to do to your ride so you can safely complete many levels.

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This game lets you customize all the rover's different parts, such as reactors, wheels, jet engines, and many more. You can upgrade and add any necessary parts so you can easily do the job well!

Stunning HD graphics and realistic physics – In RoverCraft, you're able to enjoy the stunning graphics and the fundamental physics that the game offers. This is a game with straightforward controls, and you'll also see the map ahead, so you'll know what to expect!

Download RoverCraft APK

If you enjoy playing unique car games, download RoverCraft and create the best ride today.

Download Rovercraft [116.91 Mb]


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