Rlaxx TV APK 3.4.7

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If you’re searching for a free streaming app, download Rlaxx TV APK today! This app contains many free channels for you to browse and watch for free now.

Rlaxx TV APK 3.4.7
Name Rlaxx TV
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.4.7
Size 12.98 Mb
Category Entertainment
Developer rlaxx TV
Price Free
Google Play Link com.rlaxxtv.tvapp.atv

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Download Rlaxx TV APK – Watch TV Channels

You can enjoy a lot of things to do on the internet right now. It contains a lot of cool stuff that you can do for school, work, business, and home. You can use various apps like social media, streaming, editing, entertainment, and many more.

You can find so many apps to use in the streaming genre, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and more. But if you’re looking for something free, download Rlaxx TV now!

rlaxx tv apk

In this app, you can access tons of free TV channels which feature countless movies and shows. There are a lot of programs you can watch from various channels here like Watercolor Postcards, Gracepoint, Sherlock Holmes, Restoration Home, MasterChef Canada, Pilates, Daily Fitness, Yoga, Baeble Interviews, and more.

There are a lot of on-demand channels here, such as Masters of Food, rlaxx series, Azomee kids TV, Classical Harmony, and more. This is an app suitable for all devices for people worldwide!

Watch Anytime

You can find a lot of excellent apps and websites thanks to the internet right now. You can do so many incredible things with your phone today, such as streaming movies and shows. You don’t need to have an expensive cable subscription and a TV to watch shows and movies now.

You need your phone and a streaming app to get enjoyable and entertaining videos. You don’t even need to pay for anything with free streaming apps like Rlaxx TV! This one presents you with many free channels you can enjoy.

rlaxx tv apk download

With this fantastic app, you’ll enjoy TV channels and on-demand videos that you can readily watch here. You’ll find the best movies and shows here without the need to pay anything.

This app contains ads that are how it’s funded and how it remains accessible for all. But even so, you’ll find plenty of channels and movies to watch here without any problems. This app is for everyone who doesn’t have the money to pay for expensive streaming platforms.

You’ll find many shows and movies to watch here each day!

Rlaxx TV Highlights

You can find many videos to watch on Rlaxx TV today for free. Here are its features that you can enjoy.

Free streaming – You can find many amazing things on the internet right now if you have a smartphone. These devices can do a lot of things thanks to many apps and sites that you can access.

rlaxx tv app apk

Today, there are thousands of apps available, and many of them are in the streaming category. This means that you can find many movies and shows to watch today! But if you’re looking for a free app, then that is Rlaxx TV.

This is an app that lets you watch countless movies and shows for free right now! Here, you’ll find many TV channels covering lifestyle, news, movies, music, sports, kids, adventure, and more.

You’ll be provided with so many live TV channels that you can access right now like Life on the Edge, Skuff, Televisa, rlaxx series, Masters of Food, Vevo Pop, Watch 4 Movies, and more. There are also a lot of videos for you to watch, such as Dr. Pandra, River, Daily Fitness, Yoga, Baeble Interviews, Mr. Bean, and more.

TV Channels – If you’re a person that’s looking to watch live TV channels, then this app is for you. It contains a lot of free TV channels for you to enjoy, such as Wness, Baeble, Masters of Food, rlaxx series, Watch 4 Movies, Televisa, Skuff, Vevo Pop, and many more.

rlaxx tv apk for android

Under these channels, you’ll find many movies and shows that you can tune in to today. They feature numerous categories like adventure, lifestyle, sports, music, movies, kids, and many more. Feel free to browse them all and enjoy!

On-demand videos – With Rlaxx TV, you’re able to watch on-demand videos right now for free. The app includes many titles for you to enjoy, like MasterChef Australia, Dr. Pandra, River, Gracepoint, Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Bean, and many more.

You can find a lot of movies and shows here right now as they’re free for all. Although you’ll be watching them with ads, they’re better than paying for something that you won’t get your money’s worth at the end!

On-point user interface – This app’s user interface is so well-designed that you’d think it’s a premium streaming platform. It’s a free one, and the developers have done a great job creating this clutter-free and enjoyable for all.

Download Rlaxx TV APK – Latest version

If you’re still looking for a free streaming app, stop searching and start downloading Rlaxx TV today!

Download Rlaxx TV [12.98 Mb]


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