Poly Bridge APK 1.2.2

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Download Poly Bridge APK Latest Version free for Android – gameplay that requires precision in building strong and durable structures. Learn the basics of constructions while killing boredom.

Poly Bridge APK 1.2.2
Name Poly Bridge
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Last version 1.2.2
Size 0 bytes
Category Simulation
Developer Dry Cactus Limited
Price 0.99
Google Play Link com.drycactus.polybridge

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Are you passionate about building? If you love the sight of constructing your own structures, here is a game designed for you. This is – Poly Bridge for Android.

This is a creative simulator that requires intense thinking to progress. Therefore, playing the game does not require prior knowledge in construction, but the ability to concentrate and accurate decision making.


The main objective is to build bridges that can withstand the weight of cars passing through. Hence, they need to be accurate in every aspect. Thus, any mistake will lead to the collapse of the structure, which we don’t want to happen.

Learn the Gameplay

Persistence is a valuable element in the that all players should strive to attain. Doing so will allow the progression though levels in the building process. Learning from one’s mistake and working to build on them helps you become better. Bridges need to be beautiful and durable so they can meet their purpose standards.


Besides, attention to every detail must be paid, otherwise structures will spontaneously collapse while vehicles pass through. The lives of dozens of virtual citizens are directly under your responsibility.

A Few Highlights

Intense Building Process – Building a bridge in the game is a real experience that requires planning and coordinated execution of your plans. What that means is every material used plays a vital role in the final product. Vehicles passing back and forth will exert lots of pressure, and your work could crumble if any mistake was made.


Thus, you will need to commit to serious gameplay if you desire to pass the first levels, which are relatively simple. Higher ranks in the game will cause you to scratch your head as you make your bridge beautiful and robust. Think you can handle the challenge?

Game Diversity – Perhaps you are thinking of building your bridge in one, bland way ever time. You are wrong, as you construct various types of bridges, and shapes to serve different purposes. For instance, when tasked to build a deck with water passing under, you will need to apply a different technique as compared to building a conventional bridge. Different terrains will call for higher accuracy and procedure to ensure you have stable structures.


Accuracy Requirements – Solving the unique architectural puzzles will require cognitive skills, as any mistake will get you restarting a level. Thus, you need to be careful with how you handle your construction process. Remember, every decision you make counts towards the integrity of the final product. Do your best and have fun all the while.

Innovative Graphics

The Poly Bridge game offers players a conducive environment to get the work done without any form of distraction. Graphics in the game provide precise clarity to have players concentrate on accomplishing asks without wasting time.


For instance, dealing with polygons coming in soft colors will create an appealing environment for you to build. Besides, players can quickly analyze the weight of a vehicle and make necessary adjustments to their structures.

Poly Bridge APK - Latest version

While playing the Standard game, lack of coins to make necessary upgrades and unlock equipment will get on your nerves. Hence, you will need to get the modified version to progress as quickly as possible. Get the Poly Bridge APK free download onto your device to open the game and play without limitations.

Poly Bridge APK Features

  • Bridge never break


Recommend the game to your friends and invite them for endless fun as you sharpen your construction skills. Download Poly Bridge APK for Android.

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