Plinko Master APK 2.23

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Download Plinko Master APK Latest Version free for Android. If you have a craving for earning cash in a fun and exciting way, this is the game for you.

Plinko Master APK 2.23
Name Plinko Master
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 2.23
Size 114.36 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Shape Keeper Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link com.plinko.master.coin

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This is your chance to earn some serious cash (not real though). This is the type of game you want to play to fulfill all of your money earning cravings. Although, you’ll never need to feel any loses or grief for losing or not making money. Why, because it’s never any real money being lost.

Launch your balls off and watch them earn all of the money for you. This is such a satisfying game to play, whether alone or with friends.


That being the case, go ahead and download Plinko Master for Android. Definitely one of the most addicting, yet simplistic games you’ll ever play currently on your mobile device.

Make Money!

The point of the game is to drop balls in different directions to collect cash. Get as much cash as you can and WIN BIG! Be careful and attentive, the balls will drop fast. So, you’ll need to carefully manage your activity

Winning enough will eventually earn you enough to collect some serious loot. It’s an endless cycle of earn and spend entertainment. Which is also very easy to get addicted to in the long run.


But no worries at all, this isn’t a gambling game. So, you won’t get any type of gambling addiction from playing. The worst that would happen is you might end up skipping work or class for a few extra hours of gameplay. Nonetheless, don’t make this game too much of a bad habit for you. It’s fun, but not worth lost REAL money in your life over.


Now, let’s talk about the graphics and user-interface of the game.

Not only is the game addicting, but it looks and feels great to play. The interface is very simple and pleasing. Easy and quick gestures will allow you to launch your balls in any direction.


Aside from that, the 2D graphics are very cartoony and a welcome addition to the game. When playing, you’ll feel completely satisfied with every action.

Not only this, but collecting cash will display an icon of the money earned. This is just as satisfying. Watch as your screen fills with dozens of notes on screens as you continue to rack up some serious cash! Just looking at these visuals is enough to keep playing for countless hours on end.

Plinko Master APK Free Download

Go beyond with the (modified) version of the game. With this updated file, you’ll never ask yourself why you don’t have enough in-game money.

And with that added onto the game, you won’t even feel a need to play the bas game again.


So download Plink Master for Android and work your way towards becoming a millionaire. Just remember, not to associate this game with gambling. This is a game for anyone and everyone to play, no matter the age.

So, let your friends know about this game and enjoy with as many people as possible.

On another note: Don’t forget to allow “Unknown Sources” to be downloaded and installed onto your device. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play the APK on your device. You can refer to our installation guide if you have any other problems. It’s sure to give you all the necessary information you’ll need to download and install APK files to your Android.

Download Plinko Master [114.36 Mb]


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