Play Diary APK v1.0

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If you're someone who loves playing videos on your phone, you can download Play Diary APK now! Play all videos from your device and enjoy now!

Play Diary APK v1.0
Name Play Diary
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version v1.0
Size 31 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer Hau Nguyen Trung
Price Free

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Play Diary APK Download – Video Player

There are a lot of apps that you can enjoy right now on your phone. You can have fun with so many games right now, whether action, puzzles, or simulations. You can also enjoy using many apps on your phone today, as most of them are free to download.

Whether you want to stream movies, listen to music, browse websites, or even play videos, you can do so. Play Diary lets you play all videos on your phone today!

play diary apk android

If you're someone who's looking for the best video player app right now, you can use Play Diary. This app's great because it allows you to play all sorts of videos on your phone.

It supports many types from MP4 to MOV to AVI and many more. But aside from playing videos from your phone, you can also enjoy playing videos remotely on your phone. This means that you can play videos by URL, Web Browser, and cloud storage!

Ultimate Video Player

If you're someone who loves using apps on your phone, there are so many of them to download now. You're able to enjoy all sorts of apps right now as you can download and have fun with so many of them.

If you're someone who loves listening to music, there are many streaming apps for that. The same is true when you browse social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. But if you want to play videos on your phone, you'll need Play Diary.

This app is one of the best video players available right now. It can compete with VLC, MX Player, and many more as it showcases many features. Here, you can play just about any video on your phone, whether it's a movie, trailer, review, or any other type of video.

play diary apk download

This app can read all sorts of video types like MOV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, WMV, AVI, and many more. It automatically lets you browse all the videos on your phone!

But aside from that, you can also enjoy playing videos remotely from URL and web browser!

Play Diary Features

You can enjoy quite a lot of apps right now, but Play Diary is one of the best. It lets you play any video on your phone!

Ultimate video player – Today, you can do many things with your phone. Thanks to these devices, we're able to enjoy doing many things that we couldn't even do back then.

Nowadays, we can have fun as we can enjoy so many videos to play on our phones through streaming platforms. But if you'd like to play videos from your phone, you'll need Play Diary, the best video player today!

play diary apk for android

Right now, you can use this app to play all sorts of videos from your phone, from the ones you recorded to movies, trailers, and many more. You can enjoy playing all sorts of videos as this app can automatically read them all.

Whatever file type your video is, the app can read it and play it for you. Plus, you can access the settings page and tweak various features today. You can even turn on the security feature to lock the app!

All types of videos – You can do many things right now on your phone for free. There are so many apps that you can download and enjoy anytime you want right now. This app can read all sorts of video files from MKV to MOV to MP4 and many more.

It automatically lets you browse your files in your phone as the app reads all the videos. Now, you don't have to manually browse for videos to play on your phone, as this app does it for you!

Remote play and Cloud – Aside from playing videos from your phone, it also has a great feature called Remote Play. This feature allows you to copy and paste any URL with a video on it and play directly on the app!

This allows you to play any video from the internet today, whether it's a YouTube video, TikTok, or any other. You can also play from any Web Browser and even from cloud storage such as Dropbox! Now, you don't have to store video files on your phone to play them!

play diary apk

Settings - Play Diary allows you to tweak various options on the app's settings page. Here, you can allow the Rotate to Landscape feature and even the Touch/Face ID security option. You're able to do these so you can protect your privacy!

Play Diary APK For Android Download – Latest version

Today, you can enjoy playing various videos on your phone through Play Diary! Enjoy this free app now.

Download Play Diary [31 MB]


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