Philippines Today APK 1.0.14

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Do you still read the news today? With Philippines Today, you can read all the news in various categories. You can even earn money just from reading the news!

Philippines Today APK 1.0.14
Name Philippines Today
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 1.0.14
Size 35.33 Mb
Category Lifestyle
Developer SeaTopnews
Price Free
Google Play Link

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We’re living in a world today where we can quickly learn about events in seconds. Through social media platforms and news websites, we can immediately learn about any updates and news. Because of this, physical newspapers are slowly dying out, and more are turning to digital websites.

So, if you want to enjoy reading all the latest news in the Philippines in one app, download Philippines Today now! You can read the news and even earn money here.

philippines today apk

Published by SeaTopnews, this app offers an incredible platform where you can read all the latest news in one app. Here, you can access fresh news articles from all over the world in one app and various categories. The categories include entertainment, social, sports, business, lifestyle, and many more.

There is hot news updated regularly, so you can be the first to be updated on the latest happenings. But what’s even more impressive is that you can earn real money here by just completing tasks!

Read News, Get Rewarded

Many people go about their day reading news throughout. Thanks to the internet, we can read the news everywhere, such as news sites, social media platforms, and even apps. There are so many ways we can read the news today that reading them through newspapers is considered obsolete now.

download philippines today for android

By reading news, we can get informed on the latest stock prices, business trends, celebrity gossips, and sports news! Thanks to Philippines Today, you have access to the latest news right inside the app.

If you want to get updated regularly, this app can provide you with the latest news from all over the world neatly organized in one app. Your reading is optimized here as you can access the news according to its freshness and category.

There are multiple categories here: entertainment, sports, business, lifestyle, social, and many more. Now, you can read the news, like, comment, and add it to your favorites.

philippines today apk free download

But the truly remarkable thing about this app is that it offers incentives for readers! Here, you can earn points that you can convert to real money when you complete tasks.

Philippines Today Features

If you want to read the news and get rewarded, then Philippines Today is the ultimate app that you should use.

Read the news – Do you still read the news today? Whatever type of news you want, such as celebrity gossip or sports updates, you must use social media platforms. These places offer the most convenient way for us to consume news today, thanks to the internet.

But if you’re wondering if there’s a place where you can access all kinds of news, then Philippines Today is the solution. This app is different from others because it allows you to get rewarded!

philippines today mod apk

Here, you can accumulate points by performing specific tasks like logging in every day, doing surveys, reading articles, sharing the app with your friends, and many more. Each day, you can earn as many points as you can, and then you can cash it out as real money on your PayPal and bank account.

With this app, reading the news has never been more convenient and enjoyable! Share it now with your friends and earn rewards.  

Various news categories – This app features many types of news that you can read today. All the news articles are arranged neatly in different categories: sports, social, business, entertainment, funny, worldwide, local, and many more.

With this, you can easily get updated on the latest trends, updates, and happenings worldwide without leaving your home. You can also comment, like, and add the articles to your favorites! It’s like having a social media app dedicated to news.

Read it in the app – The developers designed the news to be read conveniently inside the app. Here, you can easily browse for the latest news, and you can even filter them!

philippines today apk latest version

There are categories for news here that you can access easily today. Then, you can also like, comment, favorite, and share the news to your social media accounts!

Earn money by completing tasks – You must be here because you’ve read that you can earn rewards from using Philippines Today, right? Thanks to this app, you can earn points by fulfilling different tasks that you can convert to real money.

The tasks include answering surveys, reading articles, entering invite code, inviting your friends, and sharing articles. There are different tasks available each day that you can complete!

Easy to withdraw – With Philippines Today, you can easily convert the points you’ve earned into real money that you can cash out. Here, you can choose to withdraw your earnings via bank transfer or PayPal.

Download Philippines Today APK – Latest version

If you want to read the news and earn money, Philippines Today is the app for you! Enjoy getting informed and rewarded now.

Download Philippines Today [35.33 Mb]


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