Pet Simulator APK 1.2.2

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Do you love animals? Download Pet Simulator x fake hatcher APK Menu lets you enjoy a game where you can collect coins, buy eggs, areas, and various animals. You can play and trade here!

Pet Simulator APK 1.2.2
Name Pet Simulator
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.2.2
Size 61 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Mythical
Price Free

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Download Pet Simulator APK – Collect Pets

There are many simulation games that you’re free to enjoy today. Over the years, the genre has grown from a minor one to something unique and massive. People nowadays like to play simulation games, even in Roblox, which is a vast sandbox game.

If you enjoy animals, then Pet Simulator is the best game to play on Roblox today. It’s the sequel to the ever-popular Pet Simulator 1 game!

pet simulator vip

If you’re craving a game involving various animals, there are so many of them today. But in this particular game, you can enjoy a brand-new experience as you choose your first pet.

You can then collect coins that you can use to buy eggs that will give you random pets today! There are so many pets that you can collect here by getting a lot of coins. Here, you’re able to explore various areas, and you can collect as many coins as you can. Buy many eggs and enjoy so many pets to collect!

Collect and Enjoy Pets

The simulation world is filled with many amazing games featuring animals. There are so many types of simulation games available, but animals seem to take the cake. Many people have pets in the real world, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, hamsters, and many more.

pet simulator x mod apk

But if you’re searching for a perfect pet game to play in Roblox, then you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll talk about Pet Simulator, which is a viral game today.

In this game, you’ll be able to play and collect many pets today that are available. The way this works is to collect a lot of coins lying around and through various areas in the game.

You can then use these coins to buy eggs that contain various pets that you can get! In this game, you can enjoy unlocking various pets like Fire Cat, Pheonix, Lava Slime, Snow Cat, Penguin, Snowman, Walrus, Mortuus, Camel, Slime, Black Widow, and many more. There are so many excellent pets you get here!

roblox pet simulator mod apk

In this game, you can trade with other players and enjoy.

Pet Simulator Highlights

There are many amazing things you can do today in Pet Simulator as you download it for free.

Impressive simulation game – You can enjoy many types of games right now since there are many types. Whatever genre you enjoy, we can guarantee that you’ll be able to find suitable games for you right now.

roblox pet simulator x mod menu apk

Whether it’s shooting, fighting, racing, simulation, or other games, you can enjoy so many of them now. Simulation is one of the most popular genres that players can enjoy, with games like Pet Simulator available today!

This is a game you can only play in Roblox, and it’s a popular one today! In this simulation game, you’ll mainly be able to collect various types of pets. Here, you can create your account and start collecting coins scattered all over the vast map.

You can then use the coins to buy eggs that randomly contain various pets that you can collect. There are so many unique and exclusive pets that you can collect here, which you can trade with other players!

pet simulator x fake hatcher mod apk

Collect various pets – There are so many excellent pets that you can collect free in this game. There are so many pets that you can randomly get from eggs by buying them using coins. Here, you’ll also have a starter pet that you can choose from: a cat, dog, and bunny.

You’ll then unlock many pets like Squirrel, Ugly Duckling, Immortuus, Raccoon, Chicken, White Bunny, Corgi, Monkey, Dalmatian, Hydra, Arctic Fox, Snow Dog, Deer, and many more. Each pet has unique stats that you can use!

Unlock eggs and areas – In Pet Simulator, you’re free to collect various coins that are scattered all over the game. There are many coins you can collect and items that you can buy, such as the hoverboard.

pet simulator two

You can even upgrade your stats so you can get more pets and increase your speed! Plus, you can unlock all sorts of eggs as they’re priced differently. In this game, you can even fuse pets so you can create a unique one! You can get some random and exclusive pets this way!

Trade pets – What makes Pet Simulator is that you can treat it like a trading card game. This is because you can freely trade your pets with others and enjoy them. There are so many pets to unlock and collect in this fun game!

Download Pet Simulator APK – Vip unlocked

With Pet Simulator, you’re able to enjoy collecting pets, buying eggs, and doing all sorts of crazy stuff!

Download Pet Simulator [61 MB]


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