Passei Direto APK 6.32.11

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If you want help with your studies, download Passei Direto Premium APK unlocked now! Enjoy many materials, questions and answers, video lessons, mind maps, and more now!

Passei Direto APK 6.32.11
Name Passei Direto
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 6.32.11
Size 52.59 Mb
Category Education
Developer Passei Direto S/A
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Passei Direto APK – Helpful App for Studying

A lot of us go through the phase of studying for more than eighteen years. We study as early as we can to learn a lot of things on the world and get a job later on.

But studying, no matter the degree or grade, is never easy, so plenty of apps are available to help us. One of those apps is Passei Direto, and it’s from I went straight S/A!

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This app was curated so that you could access a lot of study materials easily. Not all of us have access to the library, classes, and other materials, which is why this app was created.

Here, you can find study materials for many subjects like Foreign Languages, ENEM, Contest, Post-Graduate, Vestibular, OAB, Graduation, and many more. You can get a lot of content here, like shared materials, notes, mind maps, full summaries, questions and answers, and many more.

Study with the Help of Passei Direto

There are many things we need to study today if we’re a student. Regardless of your grade, you can be studying up to 8 subjects at once and even more if you’re in college or post-graduate studies.

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There are so many things to learn today that years can never be enough to learn them all. This is why books, teachers, and the internet are present to help us on our studying journey. With Passei Direto, you can quickly learn any subject today.

This app was created as a tool to help students all around the world today. You can use this app whether you’re studying for a four-degree course or post-graduate studies.

You’ll find many learning materials for just about any subject here like Law, Geometry, Calculus, Physics, Engineering, Pedagogy, Administration, Business, Variety, Economics, Biology, and many more. You’ll find plenty of materials here like full summaries, mind maps, notes, shared materials, video lessons from experts, and more.

passei direto mod apk free download

This app was created for students who are sharing their resources with others. Here, you’ll be able to find all the materials you need for free!

Passei Direto Highlights

With Passei Direto, you’re able to study and graduate with flying colors. Find all the learning materials that you need here.

Learn quickly – A lot of us are still students today, either in grade school, high school, college, or post-graduate. No matter what the grade was, studying is never easy as we’re also bombarded with many problems outside of school.

passei direto mod apk

This is why many websites and apps were created to help students with their studies, whether they have money or not. One of the most helpful apps for students today is Passei Direto, and it’s a free app to download.

In this app, you’ll find plenty of learning materials that you can use for your studies today. The app contains many materials for various subjects like Criminal Law, Instruments, Engineering, Foreign Languages, Vestibular, Biology, Geometry, Economics, and many more.

Here, you’ll find shared materials like simulations, questions, summaries, and others shared by students. Then, there are also video lessons with experts, full summaries, mind maps, notes, and questions and answers here.

Plenty of subjects available – With Passei Direto, you can learn a lot of different topics here. The app is like a digital library that anyone can access whenever they need to.

passei direto mod

Here, you can find materials for different subjects like Economics, Law, Business, Administration, Pedagogy, Physics, Calculus, Geometry, Civil Law, Variety, Foreign Languages, and more.

Whether you’re a college student or a law student, you can find plenty of learning materials suited for you. Now, you don’t need to physically go to a library or search the internet for learning materials.

Get many learning materials – With this app, you can get various learning materials suitable for different purposes. You can get shared materials from other students and teachers like summaries, simulations, and questions.

Then, there are also video lessons with experts that will teach you all about the subject at hand. There are also questions and answers, full summaries, mind maps, notes, and more! You can also search for keywords on the app, and you can follow other students and comment on posts.

passei direto premium apk mod

Free for all students – This app is perfect for any student worldwide since it’s free! It allows students to follow each other, make the same goals, comment, and receive recommendations.

There are many advantages and benefits to using the app, and they’re all for free.

Download Passei Direto APK

If you want to learn any subject quickly, download Passei Direto now and enjoy! Here, you can learn thanks to many free materials.

Download Passei Direto [52.59 Mb]


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