Papers Please APK 1.4.0

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Download Papers Please APK – latest version – for Android. Discover one of the best-crafted dystopian games of recent years with Papers Please!

Papers Please APK 1.4.0
Name Papers Please
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.4.0
Size 3 MB
Category Business
Developer Appswiz W.VII
Price Free

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Become the most famous passport agent in the gaming world!

Even if you have never played this game before, surely you have seen a review or heard a friend talk about Papers Please. It is a game that leaves no one indifferent and that is definitely establishing itself as one of the best games in recent years, both for the uniqueness of its proposal and for the well-finished graphics and oppressive atmosphere. Find out why this incredible passport game has become one of the most popular in recent years, and explore a whole series of ethical dilemmas with Papers Please!

papers please apk 2022

This game was published several years ago for PC and for different consoles, so it was a matter of time before it came to a port for Android with which to enjoy one of the best independent games that have been published to date. Enjoy the star game of 3909 and put yourself in the role of a passport agent who must verify who can and cannot enter the glorious Republic of Arstotzka!

What is Papers Please App? – Download Papers Please APK Android

Sometimes defined as a dystopian game, this game will place you in a window next to the border of an imaginary country called Arstotzka, with a very authoritarian and bureaucratized communist past. All you will have to do in this position is to analyze the passports of all visitors to the country and make sure that they meet the requirements to enter the territory of Arstotzka. Will you grant them the visa or won't you?

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The task seems easy at first, but the bureaucracy in such a country can be a real nightmare, both for immigrants and for the officials who have to manage it. You will then have to do your best to pay attention to the huge, ever-changing set of rules that try to define who can and can't enter the country. Will you be able to keep up with all the regulations and make the right decisions?

Explore life in a dystopian republic! –Papers Please APK 2022

But this game is not simply a game of logic and memory where you must respond to previously given instructions. From your position, you will meet people who are in real need and whom you can help simply by placing a stamp that authorizes them to enter the country. However, breaking the rules can cost you dearly, making you lose some of the money you need to support your family.

papers please apk free download

With its retro graphics and its degraded and oppressive environment, Papers Please is proposed as an authentic experience that in a certain way teaches us what bureaucracy should not be, but also helps us understand the difficult role in which millions of employees find themselves. states throughout the world that must respond to the slogans of countries where freedoms are fewer and fewer.

Features of Papers Please 2022 – Papers Please APK Download

  • Immigration procedures game. Papers Please achieves what seemed impossible: turning an experience normally as tedious as international bureaucracy into an entertaining video game.
  • Soviet atmosphere. The game takes place in an oppressive Soviet environment where you must do everything possible to make the right decisions in front of the different citizens that will come to you.
papers please apk
  • Ethical dilemmas. You will face a whole series of ethical dilemmas that will make it very difficult for you to find the right solution for each case. Will you always follow the rules, or will you be guided by your heart?
  • Dozens of prizes. This game has received a large number of international awards from the main gaming platforms around the world, and it definitely establishes itself as one of the most popular games of the moment.

Papers Please APK free download for Android

Become a customs agent and manage the entrances to the country of Arstotzka! Analyze each passport in detail and determine whether or not its owner can enter your country. Will you be able to make the right decisions in each case?

FAQ – Papers Please APK Android Latest Version

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