Opera Mini APK 83.0.2254.73002

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Download Opera Mini APK Latest Version free for Android. Get a super-fast highspeed operating system and web browser for your Android device.

Opera Mini APK 83.0.2254.73002
Name Opera Mini
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 83.0.2254.73002
Size 44.60 Mb
Category Communication
Developer Opera
Price Free
Google Play Link com.opera.mini.native

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Are you looking for a web browsre that does it all? Well, look no further. That’s because, Opera Mini for Android is the ultimate web browser available for all Android mobile devices.


Say goodbye to Google Chrome, Samsung’s internet browser, and any others. That’s because Opera is the new way to surf the web in a fast, efficient, and convenient manner.

Opera Mini Features

This web browser shoots Google Chrome, FireFox and many others out of the window with its amazing features. So, continue to read ahead to fully understand everything there is to know about the app…

Save Data: One of the best features available with Opera Mini is the ability to save all of your mobile data. Google Chrome is one of the most data consuming application any mobile device will ever have. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Opera Mini uses some of the least data you’d ever expect from a web browser. In fact, it uses 90% less data than your standard web browser. How about them apples?


Smart Downloads: Next, you can automatically scan websites for downloadable content. If there is a video or music that you like, this web browser can instantly add it onto your device with not extra hassle from your side. On top of that, the app has its own organized folder of download. Therefore, you won’t ever need to scroll around and dig through your own folder in order to find the fie you just downloaded.

Offline Sharing: Not only this, but you can also send and receive files safely without an internet connection. On top of that, no data will be used from your side for the ultimate convenience.

No Ads: You can also block any ads that your regular web browser would be forced to show. No more pop ups and other annoyances in your device. Get through everything you’re looking for, without any distractions.


Customization Options: You can also customize your browser from top to bottom. You are the master in charge of your web browser and everything is in the palms of your hands. There is even a Dark Mode option to utilize. Everything that any normal person would want is available here in this amazingly useful we browser for Android. You can customize different themes, layouts and even more for your home screen of the browser.

News: there are even personalized news options available. Get the latest news in whatever you are into. No matter how important or mundane it may be, Opera is here to serve you and offer the best and latest news in all of your interests. So it back and enjoy.

Offline Activity: You can even browse your news offline. Save everything that you would want to view for later onto your device and look at them on the go. Whenever you are aware that you won’t have an internet connection, you can take all of your current events with you. This is the ultimate way to surf the web and enjoy internet content.


Night Mode: There’s even a night mode to keep your eyes safe from any harm. Now, that’s just showing off…

Opera Mini APK Free Download

With everything said and done, what is your next option? Well, that would be to download the Opera Mini APK latest version onto your device now! Get over the overrated luxuries of Google Chrome and other web browsers and hang onto a real winner.

If you don’t want all of your information being leaked and drowned in a web browser, then this is the definite choice for you. On top of that, there are many different benefits that we’ve already discussed that make this application an obvious choice.


Not only that, but you can stay safe and protected at all times. Especially with any other apps on our website. Visit our apps page for even more useful tools and safe applications for your Android mobile device.

Go ahead and download the Opera Mini APK new version for Android now. And while you’re already here, why not stop by our other applications and see what all the fuss is about. We have a ton of variety and selections for you and other users to enjoy. Furthermore, don’t just use us, but recommend us to your friends and family as well.

Download Opera Mini [44.60 Mb]
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